Newcastle Brown Ale....

  Bapou 15:59 13 Oct 2009

.....The Dog, Lunatic's Broth, Journey Into Space, click here will no longer be brewed in the North East.

First Newcastle United being made a laughing stock throughout Football, now this sad news, to be brewed in Tadcaster, good grief!

What else can happen to us?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:10 13 Oct 2009

If it tastes the same, it does not matter where it is brewed.


  Strawballs 16:34 13 Oct 2009

Tadcaster Brown dosn't have thr same ring, it's like a local brew to me called HSB Horndean Special Brew now being brewed in Sussex, not the same Gales that was based in Horndean (Hampshire) used a natural spring.

  Forum Editor 17:01 13 Oct 2009

As long as the taste is the same,the location of the brewery doesn't matter. There will be mutterings from the sandal and wispy beard club, but all will soon be forgotten as the alcohol works its magic.

  ened 17:04 13 Oct 2009

"If it tastes the same, it does not matter where it is brewed."

Many beers get their character from the water, which is probably why Guinness brewed at Park Royal was a poor relation to that found in Ireland.

Moving a brewery can change the taste and character but, not being a Geordie, quite frankly I couldn't give a damn!

  Picklefactory 17:33 13 Oct 2009

I agree completely. There can be a marked difference when a beer is brewed elsewhere from it's origins. I've always been a fan of many different beers, quite a few being exports from numerous countries, but as soon as the sales warrant it, and they start brewing in the UK, it changes noticeably, and not for the better in my opinion. Fosters Export and Amstel to name but two that were never the same when brewed here. That isn't intended as a slight on our brewing industry, as most of my favourite tipples are British, but the flavour/texture that enamored me in the first place to any foreign beer, changes when it is moved from it's original home.
I hope that doesn't happy to Newky Brown, as it's only moving about 90 miles, I don't drink it often, but still enjoy the odd one.

  oresome 17:47 13 Oct 2009

Tadcaster has a long history of brewing.

click here

  al's left peg 18:19 13 Oct 2009

Take it from me, I live in Newcastle and there is hell on up here. Can you imagine if the owners of Bell's Whiskey decided to stop distilling that in Scotland and moved it to Milton Keynes?
The Scottish people would be up in arms and I would put my mortgage on the fact that most of our government including the prime minister would step in and stop it.

63 jobs will be lost when they move the production of this beer when they sell 105 million bottles of it in North America alone. This has been done to cut costs. I can't believe they can't make enough money selling that amount of beer to make them jobs not viable. All this in the heartland of the Labour party, it bloody sickens me.

  lixdexik 18:49 13 Oct 2009

left in Scottish & Newcastle either, as they have almost moved out of Edinburgh to brew in Newcastle. I suppose that will all move as well. S&N did buy a very small independant Brewery in Edinburgh just so they can say they still brew in Edinburgh. I remember when I had just started working at 16, the company I served my apprenticeship with, was fitting out the state of the art control room at the S&N brewery at Fountainbridge in Edinburgh, At the time it was the biggest fully automated brewery in Europe, now it is all to be flattened for houses, shops & offices. Changed days indeed.


  morddwyd 20:31 13 Oct 2009

There is a geological feature which runs, so far as I remember, from NW to SE, which has an effect upon the deep water.

The effect was particularly;y strong around Burton-upon-Trent which is why it got its reputation.

However, I suspect the days of breweries getting their water from their own well are long gone, and in these days of homogenised, pasteurised and sterilised everything I doubt that the water makes that much difference.

I personally thought that NB went "off-song" a good few years ago and haven't drunk it for some time.

  Bingalau 21:16 13 Oct 2009

I'm a big fan of German beers but they have the same problem, the beers brewed in this country are inferior to the ones brewed in Germany itself, and also to the ones exported here from the German breweries.

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