A New Years Dishonours List

  rowdy 16:49 28 Feb 2009

I think we should have one, a chance to remove the honours awarded in the past to those that have subsequently shown themselves to be unworthy.

The list may start out quite large but be manageable as realisation seeps in of the need to really deserve the award and maintain standards.


  canarieslover 17:01 28 Feb 2009

I take it that you will start by withdrawing Sir Fred Goodwin's knighthood??

  AL47 22:55 28 Feb 2009

knighthoods are a joke, and i have huge respect for people who turn them down

  Forum Editor 23:44 28 Feb 2009

Your 'huge respect' is probably born of hearing about a few high-profile personalities who have turned down knighthoods.

Many of the people who receive knighthoods see them as a reward for a lifetime's work, often it's work that is done quietly and efficiently without many people even knowing about it. You may think that's a joke, but the recipients probably don't. Get hold of the next list of knighthoods and read it - you'll not have heard of most of the people on it, but if you trouble to find out what they did to earn their place on the list you might develop at least a small amount of respect for some of them.

It's always a mistake to generalise.

  AL47 00:27 01 Mar 2009

half the people i see who are knited i just think why? for me its people who have done something special/important and have looked for no reward in doing it

  al's left peg 00:41 01 Mar 2009


I think AL47 is probably pointing towards people like Mandelson and the like who fiddle passports to get their gay brazilian lovers into this country.
There are a lot of old dinner lady types who deserve a mention and stuff but, it's far outweighed by the "old school tie club" which have no common ground with the ordinary Joe's of this country.
I will put my mortgage on Gordon Brown ( the man who saved the world) getting a knighthood, within 2 years of him losing the next election, or losing the leadership of the Labour party, whichever is soonest.

  m800afc 05:53 01 Mar 2009

Ex Prime Ministers usually get a peerage.

  laurie53 07:45 01 Mar 2009

Many people, and I include myself, will gain advantage by whatever method they can get away with.

Do not blame the people for this. Rather blame the system, which allows this sort of thing, and do something about it at the next election.

  newman35 08:07 01 Mar 2009

".. and do something about it at the next election."

That , to me, is exactly the problem - who do we vote for? The 'other lot' (whoever they may be) will turn out exactly the same, anyway. It is in all the politicos interests to maintain as much of the status quo as they can, to be able to reward 'friends'.

  Quickbeam 08:14 01 Mar 2009

"The 'other lot" etc...
Which is why voters like myself are dropping out and not bothering to vote at all. Only the politicians can address that, and I don't think they can easily change their ways.

  newman35 08:26 01 Mar 2009

But then, if we refuse to vote we cannot, legitimately, criticise the resulting government!
A conundrum...?

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