New Year Gongs...

  Quickbeam 10:11 31 Dec 2008

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I'm glad to see that Chris Hoy got the 'Top Gong' for his achievements without a raft of others to devalue it.

  bremner 10:46 31 Dec 2008

Someone who rides a bike quickly gets a Knighthood.

Someone who hearing one of the explosions on 7/7 ran into the scene and saved the lives of two people gets a minor gong.

The whole system is from a different era and should be scrapped.

  Quickbeam 10:51 31 Dec 2008

The gongs are an acknowledgment of something done in the public eye, they've never been a bravery award.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:57 31 Dec 2008

'The gongs are an acknowledgement of something done in the public eye'..errrmmmm, that is what sport is about. Sporting events are hardly likely to be held with no audience. A further devaluation of this anachronistic bean fest and back-slapping charade. A cynical person might look at the 2012 Olympic Games spin/publicity campaign, then look at the sudden plethora of medals for sportsmen and raise a quizzical eyebrow.


  bremner 10:58 31 Dec 2008

That seems to have changed click here

  Forum Editor 11:05 31 Dec 2008

who played Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Oscar-winning movie "The Queen" with Helen Mirren, got an OBE."

Words fail me.

As for Chris Hoy's knighthood - it's ludicrous. He rides bikes because he loves doing it, and his achievement at the Beijing Olympics was remarkable, but worth a knighthood? Not in my book, it devalues the whole system when this kind of thing happens. Every time British sports-people win something we seem to fall over ourselves in a rush to get them into the next honours list.

  The Brigadier 11:09 31 Dec 2008

Seems i missed out this year;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:18 31 Dec 2008

So Hamilton gets an honour for driving a car maintained and designed by others. Would anyone care to guess the reason that he left the UK to live in Switzerland? I'm sure it is not because he likes Toblerone or yodelling. Personally I would not let him in to collect his 'honour' as he has chosen not to pay tax here.
I should get an honour for resisting the temptation to stash my loot in the fish scarer's banks in Iceland and seeing my interest drop by 2% to pay for the half-wits who took out mortgages that they could ill afford and then racked up huge credit card debts. The honours system is a complete farce and gets cheaper by the year. I assume Coco the Clown will be presenting them.

Aren't sportsmen already honoured by winning cups and medals and getting lashings of loot?

G come Adlington got 2 golds and an OBE yet Holmes got 2 golds and was made a Dame? I smell manipulation of the highest order in this land of the blind and deaf.

  Quickbeam 11:23 31 Dec 2008

Yes, it's a system that belongs to another age (The Age of Empire), it at least brings to the fore the faces of some achievers.

And at that I sense we'll all have to agree to be in great disagreement, until a better system comes along... but I won't be holding my breath.

  Kaacee 11:30 31 Dec 2008

I rode my bike to and from work for close on 25 years.....NO GONG

I swim every year when I am on holiday.......NO GONG

Where is the justice??

  lofty29 11:59 31 Dec 2008

I agree the whole system is wrong, and especially giving hamilton one, but at least we are spared the spectacle of time serving civil servants lining up along with the fat cats and politicians who got us into this mess in the first place, the only one of the whole lot as far as I am concerned who is deserving is the disabled girl swimmer.
Gandalf, in this I am with you the whole of the way.

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