Is this a new way of spamming------

  jack 13:42 02 Apr 2008

------or just new to me?

Yesterday -telephone call- did not get to it in time - no message on machine - did 1471.
An 0800 number to ring- Hmm shall?- oh well
Answer--- This is BT 'Voice TEXT' call this number- 0797*****--- I've always had second thoughts about Mobile numbers - seeing that few of my circle are Mobile users let alone Txt'ers
But curiosity get the better of me - It was an Advert for working from home doing nothing much and making a Mint.
We are TPS registered so they were the first to be informed - Then I got onto BT and had all forms of that type of communication stopped.
So that sorted that ---or has it

  interzone55 13:53 02 Apr 2008

I would say that this was an autogenerated text spam and your landline number was accidentally inserted into the distribution list.

  €dstowe 14:19 02 Apr 2008

This seems to be becoming more of a nuisance than ever before - even with TPS.

I was called this morning on a number which is entirely private and known only to me and BT. The not very well spoken woman at the other end began a conversation asking how I was coping getting up and down stairs. I wasn't happy about being asked this sort of thing as I don't have any stair (or other) walking problems. The caller was from Stannah stair lifts and she told me they had bought the number from a data sales agency.

That number is TPS registered. It is known only to me and BT as I have never used it for making or receiving calls (it's a BT Internet phone, yet to be used). So, it must have been sold to Stannah by BT. In that case, why does BT think I have mobility problems?

  Noels 14:33 02 Apr 2008

This is almost connected to another thread in the last couple of days. Do Gov't departments sell information?
Two or three weeks ago an old friend of mine (85 yrs old) went into a local hospital for knee and hip scans because of possible need for new joints etc. He was only in for the day but strangely after a few days he started receiving mail and phone calls from firms trying to sell him equipment for the disabled. Coincidence or not???

  johndrew 15:04 02 Apr 2008

I have had similar calls that I have wondered about; now I have a better idea of what its is that generates them. Many thanks.

As for the security of personal data within Government Departments, I think we all know they (the Departments) are as waterproof as a sieve. After all you can get full details of any vehicle and its owner from DVLC for a small fee - provided you can give any reason - and personal details on CDs and paper are readily `lost` around the countryside. With the inception of your health records going digital virtually any Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to get at them.

One day people will realise that it is some time since Government could be trusted to retain confidential information in a secure manner.

  spuds 15:55 02 Apr 2008

But have you ever tried obtaining information via the Freedom of Information Act. It can be an near impossible task at times.

  €dstowe 16:44 02 Apr 2008

The odd thing about my Stannah call was that the information about my number could only have been obtained from BT as absolutely no other person/organisation has any knowledge of it.

  Cymro. 17:16 02 Apr 2008

My wife took a phone call the other day and she saw on the Caller Display that it was in international call.

The caller told my wife that he was from BT and tried to get her to sign up to a credit card. As I had always warned my wife against various scams on such international calls she put the phone down.

She has told me that the caller had a broad Asian accent and asked for me by name. So the call may well have been from BT and genuine as they do have call centers in India.

I am not much bothered either way and think my wife did the right thing in putting the phone down. But it is a sad world that we even suspect genuine phone calls.

  Woolwell 17:26 02 Apr 2008

Interesting thread.

While reading the earlier posts one of my phones rang. This is a separate line with the number not normally used. I had never had a sales call on it until now.

  March Hare 18:36 02 Apr 2008

I now never answer calls which are shown on the caller display as 'International' or 'Number withheld' as I know they will be answered by my answer machine. None of these calls has ever resulted in a message being left.

  barca1 19:09 02 Apr 2008


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