New variation on the Nigerian e-mail scam

  anchor 15:53 27 Sep 2005

Instead of some corrupt African politician its Sir Dennis Thatcher`s name being used this time.

click here

  Yoda Knight 16:40 27 Sep 2005

Serves him right after his involvement in the attempt to over throw some or other African country earlier this year.

  €dstowe 16:51 27 Sep 2005

£950,000 is a very small amount compared to what there is usually offered in these scams. Do they think Dennis wasn't worth any more?

  anchor 16:58 27 Sep 2005

Wrong Thatcher Yoda Knight; that was his son Mark.

Sir Dennis died on 26 June 2003.

€dstowe: perhaps they think this lesser sum will be more credible and catch more victims.

  Jackcoms 18:18 27 Sep 2005

Corrupt African politicians and Mark Thacher?

Not a lot of difference really, is there? ;-((

  wiz-king 05:27 28 Sep 2005

Not only emails, it is tried with fake money as well.

Men arrested for ‘dollar scam’

A NIGERIAN and a Tanzanian have been arrested in Port Elizabeth in connection with an alleged $2-million “black dollar” scam, involving possession of fake dollar notes.

Chukwuma Okafor, 34, of Nigeria and his Tanzanian co-accused, Stephen Idd Muro, 33, both without fixed address in Port Elizabeth, appeared briefly in the North End court yesterday.

They were not asked to plead and no evidence was led.
They were arrested in a trap set up by the police near the airport. Police spokesman Andre Beetge said members of the commercial branch had received a tip-off about the activities of members of the alleged syndicate. Aparently a police officer was shown a sample of a $100-bill before the arrest of the two men.

The State alleges that Okafor and Muro, and a third man who got away, led an undercover officer to believe they had more than $2-million in a safe at the Port Elizabeth harbour.
Apparently the deal was that the undercover police officer pay Okafor and Muro R8 000 before they could release the money, which was in a ship at the harbour. “After the scam was uncovered, the police found lots of blank papers placed in between the fake notes, creating the impression that the whole safe contained US dollars,” said Beetge.

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