New Use for Radio 4

  onthelimit 16:26 01 Jul 2010

Just been to a friends house - he has a radio wrapped in a plastic bag high in his cherry tree. Timer brings it on just before dawn. Swears it stops blackbirds nicking the fruit. Luckily, he has no near neigbours to complain. Any other good ideas to achieve the same purpose where neighbours are closer?

  tullie 16:46 01 Jul 2010


  Bapou 17:42 01 Jul 2010

We have a wooden imitation wishing well standing in the centre of the lawn. Missus was forever washing away the bird muck.

Then she had the brilliant idea of buying a toy windmill, fitted to the side of the well. Slightest breeze and and away it goes, the movement creates a sound and together deters the birds from perching on the well.

Two years and two windmills, (wear and tear), costing coppers and never the need for washing down again.

Worth a try on the tree somewhere?

  john bunyan 17:49 01 Jul 2010

You can buy ultrasonic scarers, either battery or mains (with adapter). I have two, set at a deterrent level to deter deer (dont live in a mansion, but on the edge of fields) and roe deer come at night to eat some flowers (love cyclamen)
There are some that are meant to deter birds. What about a stuffed dead cat in the tree?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:02 01 Jul 2010

Chop down the tree. No fruit = no birds.


  Bapou 18:36 01 Jul 2010

Starlings were quite fond of gathering in great numbers on the junctions of telephone wires on our housing estate. Apart from the noise they made a right old mess of the pavements below.

That was until the then District Council had carvings of owls made and placed on top of the pole.

Certainly had the desired effect, no starlings, no mess.

  onthelimit 18:39 01 Jul 2010

I think the neighbours who own a cat might be displeased!

We tried the wooden owl trick on the entrances to hangars at an RAF base to try to prevent Jackdaws from nesting. Damn things perched on the owls!

Gandalf - great idea, as always, but - I have a wife.

  Forum Editor 19:28 01 Jul 2010

and it's rare for us to get more than a small bowl or two of ripe cherries from them, the birds manage to strip the fruit every time, no matter what we try.

Over the years we've used nets (unsuccessfully), we've tried a plastic owl (the birds just ignored it and carried on), and once a glittery windmill thing that made a noise (it worked for a few days, then the birds got used to it, but the noise drove me nuts).

Short of sitting up at the end of the garden with a shotgun I think we've tried just about everything except GANDALF <|:-)>'s rather drastic - but unarguably effective - solution.

We've decided to settle for our two bowls of cherries and stop stressing about what we can't alter.

  onthelimit 19:41 01 Jul 2010

But my friend is adamant that Radio 4 works - must admit, it sends me to sleep!

  jack 20:12 01 Jul 2010

A couple of old edition PCA cover discs strung
together so as to flash and clatter will do the trick.
So too will
M Jackson, U2,Cliff Richard, Little Richard Amy Winehouse discs

  morddwyd 20:46 01 Jul 2010

How close are your neighbours?

We had one of those damned windmills next door to us and the racket was so bad we couldn't leave the bedroom windows open if there was anything more than a light breeze!

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