New use for old wooden dolly pegs.

  Brumas 23:24 13 Oct 2009

I have just planted a couple of dozen tulip and daffodil bulbs and wondered how I would remember where I had planted them, being faced with just a level expanse of featureless soil.

Never one to throw useful articles away, I remembered the basket of old pegs languishing in the carport. They are just the job, so now I cannot possibly dig them up inadvertently in the Spring as they are so prominently marked.

Anyone else found an alternative use - remember this is a family forum ;o) - for them?

  BT 07:57 14 Oct 2009

..the prunings from the Buddleias. After trimming I have a large number of long straight sticks for use around the garden as canes etc. I stack them in the corner of the greenhouse to dry out so that they don't take root when stuck into the ground later.

  Brumas 12:40 14 Oct 2009

By the paucity of the number of responses I take it that most of you just either, chuck them away or use plastic clothes pegs.

  Seth Haniel 12:45 14 Oct 2009

paint fasces on them and put on little cloth dresses and string for hair ;)

  Picklefactory 12:52 14 Oct 2009

"paint fasces on them"

hope that's meant to be what I think it is


  Quickbeam 13:11 14 Oct 2009

Years ago I used to line them up on the clothes line and take pot shots at them with an air rifle... that used to make a great competition with school friends:)

  Seth Haniel 16:11 14 Oct 2009

innocent slip of the finger ;)

  Brumas 17:46 14 Oct 2009

We believe you, don't we folks?

  bjh 17:56 14 Oct 2009

Better wash that finger - using lots of soap!

  Bingalau 19:50 14 Oct 2009

Why? He hasn't spelt it right anyway.

  Seth Haniel 19:59 14 Oct 2009

'Faces' ... As in 'Dolly Peg'


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