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  al7478 03:53 13 Oct 2008

Sorry about teh vague title - no one should really be up at this hour lol!

Anyway, im about to buy a new tv and wanted to sound out people's thoughts on the worth of warranties.

generally, i dislike them, and think theyre just a great money spinner. i also think theres no reason why my brand spanking new tv should have a problem for ages.

anyway, i want to buy from a local indepaendant store. partly becasue of the 5 year warranty (going rate approx 250 i think) panasonic are currently offering on some sets (as long as you buy from a bricks andf mortar store); because they will assemble evrerything for me (i have mobility difficulties, plus id rather they mess it up than my friends or family); and because they have demoed the set for me, and i want the nice warm moral glow ill get from buying from them.

i could, however, get it much cheaper - tho without the warranty and the help - from many other places. where would i be if it did go wrong and i had no warranty? im given to believe it would be different if there was a problem in the first 12 months...?

i understand the argument that in a few years ill be able to afford a new one anyway, but it will push my finances. if things went wrong in a couple of years, id be sick if it couldnt be sorted. in 5 or 6 years, and i may be able to consider spending the money again.

This probably isnt the most concise post ever (and maybe it should be in Consumerwatch...?) - apologies.

If anyone has any thoughts about any of this id love to read them.

  al7478 03:54 13 Oct 2008

and all those question marks in my title should be /. Sorry.

  carver 07:31 13 Oct 2008

If you need a good warranty just go to your nearest John Lewis store, all their TVs come with a standard 5 year warranty that is worth it's weight in gold.

No extra to pay for it and it is good, I don't know if they still operate the same scheme but at one time they would even match any other store's prices.

You can even buy on-line and they will set it all up for you.

  GRIDD 08:10 13 Oct 2008

click here for a free 5yr warranty.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:19 13 Oct 2008

John Lewis-no competition.


  al7478 10:53 13 Oct 2008

for the thoughts so far.

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