New thread prompted by 'Smokers told to clock off'

  Snec 19:29 03 Nov 2010

When it comes to stopping smoking - if I can do it anyone can. When you take into consideration I never really intended to it shows how easy it can be.

I have been smoking since my schooldays and been what you would call a heavy smoker for over fifty years.

I had no intention of quitting mainly because I enjoy it and I had no fear of the alleged consequences. In my lifetime seven of my friends stopped smoking, at different times. Each one then died between two and five years of stopping. Make of that what you will.

However my wife is now an asthma sufferer and although I was going outside to smoke she could pick up the smell when I went back inside.

I have been using e-cigarettes for over four months now. I no longer smoke – I vape!

I started with a cheapo e-cig and was not really happy with it. It was one of those ‘it’s nearly there but not quite’ situations. So I tried one that was/is reported as being the best available. A lot more expensive of course but I now have four of these and do not miss cigarettes at all.

There is absolutely no odour at all with the e-cigs. Even the keenest nose cannot detect a thing. You seem to be inhaling smoke, but it is not smoke, it’s vapour.

You can choose the level of nicotine to suit you as well as various flavours. Nicotine is absolutely harmless (apart from the addiction factor). It is the other 400 odd toxins that do the alleged harm with normal cigarettes and e-cigs produce none of those.

Another plus to the e-cig is that you don’t light them and because there is no smoke the smoking laws do not apply to e-cigs. You can use them anywhere, pubs, clubs, restaurants, planes – anywhere at all.

So there you are smokers of the forum. Join me – stop smoking, start vaping.

  OTT_B 21:55 03 Nov 2010

"Nicotine is absolutely harmless"

Errrrrr. Google is your friend.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:39 03 Nov 2010

As class one drug addicts, smokers ought to be thankful that they have got jobs, in spite of their habit and repugnant bodily odour.


  Forum Editor 23:17 03 Nov 2010

(apart from the addiction factor)."

Are you sure?

Nicotine raises blood pressure, and acts as a vaso-constrictor,it's harder for your heart to pump blood around your vascular system.

A Danish study of 77,000 pregnant women showed that those who used nicotine patches or gum during the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy were 60% more likely to have a baby with birth defects than women who were not smokers.

The stress levels of adult smokers are slightly higher than those of nonsmokers, and adolescent smokers report increasing levels of stress as they become addicted.

  Grey Goo 23:22 03 Nov 2010

If you took the nicotine from 20 fags and ingested it all at once I guarantee you would die or be seriously damaged. Used to use dog ends in a jam jar of water to make anti blackfly spray.
I stopped smoking more than 20 years ago and appear to be still alive.

  spuds 23:32 03 Nov 2010

As I stated in the previous mentioned post. If you want to stop smoking, have grandkids who refuse to visit you, 'because they are fed-up of leaving your house smelling of fag fumes'. It worked with someone who I know.

Beats all the expensive patches and other similar devices.

  jakimo 00:21 04 Nov 2010

What it takes is willpower, and someone close who dies of lung cancer,if that don't stop you then your plain stupid.

  ella33 08:36 04 Nov 2010

There is an argument that more highly refined cigarettes cause more illness. Sorry no link to back this claim up but it is said that Turkish people, who smoke less refined tobacco do not have the same rate of smoking related illnesses as people in the west. Personally I have had a lot less throat problems since giving up smoking ten years ago but I am not sure that relatives who have never smoked are more healthy.

I am shocked to hear of the problems that nicotene patches can cause. I didn't use them at all, I just cut down one cigarette at a time. I found that when I couldn't smoke at work, I lost the desire to smoke at work. I had friends who didn't smoke when out, so I stopped then, too. I gradually extended this until I gave up the last one daily. Most people have said that this is not the way to give up at all but it worked for me. I have known people who have just given up, again using no substitutes.

  Quickbeam 08:43 04 Nov 2010

I was the the youngest of a family of seven that all smoked like tugboats and lived in a house that I would walk straight out of now because of the pollution!

I remember on my thirteenth birthday buying my first pack of 10 Embassy as I'd decided that I was old enough to start to smoke. After two I distinctly remember thinking 'this is naff, I could have bought loads of sweets for the same money'. I swapped the other eight for some winegums to take the naff taste away.

My brother in law who was always to be seen with a lit fag on the go gave up in an instant at forty after leaving the crematorium after his fathers death from lung cancer, which was less than two months from my own fathers demise also from lung cancer, that was 25 years ago. It quite simply frightened the crap out of him.

  jack 09:37 04 Nov 2010

That addiction[in whatever form if afflicts the individual] is a personality/genetic['its in the genes]thing and seemingly there is a broader acceptance of this theory now I think
Some folk once triggered by Nicotine/Alcohol/ mood enhancers of all sorts- seem to be entrapped in that world.
As a youngster 65 years ago I used to nick a couple of Turkish or Passing Cloud from my mother and go behind the air raid shelter for a puff.
Later in National Service- where we matelots had a duty free ration- I found my ration was of more value to me as a bribe to others as a 'duty rota' work around.
Subsequently after NS I used to go out with the lads and 'pose with a pipe'but in fact that's all it was- smoking simply do not do anything so I didn't take it up full time so to speak -like wise alcohol- out with the lads into the pub, but of its self did nor then , does it now do anything - although I do on a Tuesday go to see a life long friend who has a drink problem, and try to reduce his consumption by drinking some of his whiskey.
So I concluded that I must be one of those individuals who are particularly lucky or plain insensitive[or thick] where by mood enhancers do nothing and I can take it or leave at will.
I have not or will I now experiment further with so called 'hard drugs' to prove the theory further.

  Armchair 10:37 04 Nov 2010

I just stopped buying cigarettes. The urge to cadge a tab off my mates when I was out boozing remained for a few weeks, then disappeared. That was in 1999.

I do miss the social aspect to smoking, and a recent medical report reckoned that it might actually have been beneficial to my ulcerative colitis, but there's no way I'll start lighting up again.

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