New suspect??

  newman35 10:57 07 Sep 2007

click here

Possibly going to be some embarrassed fundraisers/celebs/Pope?

  brundle 10:59 07 Sep 2007

Innocent until proven guilty

  Seth Haniel 11:02 07 Sep 2007

one protesteth too much...

  Forum Editor 11:03 07 Sep 2007

because he blessed a picture of a missing child?

In fact, why should anyone who acts in good faith be embarrassed?

Let's be very careful here - all that's happened is that a woman has been declared a suspect. It's a Portuguese legal measure, and happens to perfectly innocent people thousands and thousands of times each year. It enables the police to ask a person certain questions that they couldn't otherwise ask.

We have no idea why this step has been taken,or what might happen next. Until more information is available I suggest that we avoid indulging in speculation here. Any defamatory remarks will be immediately deleted.

  Spark6 11:15 07 Sep 2007

I would suggest that this is neither the time or place to discuss this issue.

  newman35 11:16 07 Sep 2007

I did only say 'possibly' and did not imply any guilt - just commenting that under Portugese law being declared a suspect is nothing unusual - but many people who have given freely of their time and money to the McCanns might well be very surprised and shocked at this development.

  Forum Editor 12:16 07 Sep 2007

that arguida status is often (although probably not in this instance) requested by the person being interviewed, because it gives them the legal right to silence without it being interpreted as a sign of guilt.

The police will elevate a witness to arguida status when they want to ask questions that couldn't be put to a witness. It doesn't imply guilt.

  mitsme 12:41 07 Sep 2007

My thoughts are with the child.

No matter what, her parents are going to suffer ALL their lives.

If & I sincerely hope Madeline is still alive.

She has a life sentence also. I have seen, as have we all, the carefree photos of that innocent. If she is found? All that has gone, never to return. I find my sorrowfulness is inclined to her future. I am grieving, not for an unproven humanly death, but the death of a life that should not have had to deal with the aftermath of such a trauma.

  mrwoowoo 14:26 07 Sep 2007

Some things regarding the parents as suspects do not ring true.
The latest round of questioning seems to be based on dna samples taken from a wall in the apartment.
If it was Madeleine's blood,how would this tie in with their line of questioning regarding a seditive overdose?The two just don't go together.
If either of the parents blood,what would that mean or prove?
Is it likely a doctor could be so negligent as to accidently give their child an overdose whilst on holiday relaxing?
How could a couple on holiday possibly remove a body,get rid of it and return without anybody noticing?
Would they know the area well enough to be able to find somewhere where the body would not be found after all this time?
Personally i find it unlikely that the parents are involved...but

  silverous 14:36 07 Sep 2007

I'm with mrwoowoo on this and I hope we are right.

  Belatucadrus 14:51 07 Sep 2007

The truly cynical amongst us could suggest that the Portuguese police, whose lack of competence has been pronounced from the start. Have decided to get some payback on the family whose refusal to shut up and go away has embarrassed them so much. Eleven hours questioning would seem rather a lot unless they have as yet unrevealed evidence of foul play by the McCanns.

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