New Speaker?

  ened 07:59 22 Jun 2009

Almost without exception our illustrious MPs have been spouting forth about the importance of restoring trust in politics and how the expenses revelations have damaged the reputation of Parliament.

Now it looks as though they are going to instal a new Speaker who has been one of the main culprits.

I know there is nothing we can do to prevent this but wouldn't you have thought they would have had more sense?

I would have gone for Ann Widdecombe because she would have been a temporary installation and might well have started to put things right.

  laurie53 09:01 22 Jun 2009

From the reports I've seen the whole election process looks to be as grubby as the events which prompted it.

Margaret Beckett is favourite, some are said to see her as a safe pair of hands who will not rock the boat.

Just what is needed to cleanse this whole sorry mess!

  Quickbeam 09:23 22 Jun 2009

I think not! click here

  Al94 09:39 22 Jun 2009

Odious woman who will bring nothing to the job if elected.

  newman35 09:42 22 Jun 2009

With all the 'wheeling and dealing' that appears to be going on in the background, the chances of getting a 'good' Speaker is almost non-existent.

The Tories voting for Beckett in order to stop Bercow, is hardly what is needed to show us all that the present poliicians (and I include all parties) are honest and doing their best for the country.
Will they never learn? - the public are sick of the whole sorry shambles.

  ened 11:06 22 Jun 2009

It seems to me that these politicians think the expenses row will die a natural death as soon as it leaves the front pages.

That was how Bliar wriggled out of so many awkward situations: he merely announced an enquiry and knew that, by the time it was published, the issue would not be top of the agenda any more.

Margaret Beckett will do nothing to resolve this issue other than paper over the cracks.

To my mind it needs to be somebody transparently clean with the strength of character to force through draconian measures.

I'm very much afraid this afternoon the 650 will be more concerned with their own interests.

  Quickbeam 11:19 22 Jun 2009

I believe that Ann Widdecombe is prepared to do it as a stop gap until after the next election as she is standing down. I believe she's also not exploited the expenses system as a second income source as others have.

  Stuartli 11:40 22 Jun 2009

Ann Widdecombe is the only candidate suitable for the position from the motley crew who have stood - at least she is honest and not afraid to speak her mind.

In my opinion she would make the perfect stop gap Speaker, although I would also have been strongly in support of Frank Field or Vince Cable if they had been prepared to stand.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:04 22 Jun 2009

Interestng that 7 out of the 10 candidates are Tory. Is there a reason for this??

  haval 12:16 22 Jun 2009

It has got to be Ken Dodd, the only man to beat the tax man, ha ha!!!!

  oresome 15:18 22 Jun 2009

Ann Widdecombe certainly has the strength of character to do the job her own way and she'd receive my vote.

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