New smoking ban

  Mike D 10:43 03 Apr 2007

I was listening to a radio show yesterday when the subject of the new anti smoking laws came up. The presenter was saying that, whilst smoking in public places would be banned from 1 July there were some exceptions, notably prisons (this I can understand as for the inmates they are in the "home", and there are probably much more harmful pastimes there) and The Houses of Parliament. I agree with the ban but, as the presenter said, if Parliamant has excepted itself from the ban, it's disgusting.

I must say that I haven't been able to check if the presenter's utterances are true, but ...


  Kate B 10:46 03 Apr 2007

I believe it's exempt because it's a royal palace. But yes, the ban should apply there, though I do support the inclusion of dedicated smoking rooms in buildings so long as they're properly ventilated and don't impact on other users of the building.

  royalflush 11:29 03 Apr 2007

Yet again the goverments "Double Standards" eh

  cycoze 11:42 03 Apr 2007

If true it does come across as double standards, a ban should be a ban.

As KateB suggested "I do support the inclusion of dedicated smoking rooms in buildings so long as they're properly ventilated and don't impact on other users of the building" , if it is ok for one building it should be ok for others, Parliament or Pub.

It seems the ban may eventually include the likes of Train Station platforms, it seems ridiculous that someone could be banned from smoking in an already fume filled atmosphere but not in a Beautiful building like the HoP.

Equally daft you cannot light up in a parked car depending on where it is parked.

  Kate B 11:48 03 Apr 2007

Royal palaces are exempt from all sorts of things. I'm slightly surprised, for example, that Prince Charles and Camilla didn't have a full marriage service in St George's Chapel, which they could have done if the Queen had approved it: it's a Royal Peculiar and thus falls directly under the jurisdiction of the monarch, not a diocese.

I agree, though, that the ban should apply in the Palace of Westminster: it's mad that MPs should exempt themselves from something that's being imposed on everyone else.

  Cymro. 11:55 03 Apr 2007

The Palace Of Westminster like many such places is a minefield of such

obscure and outdated exemptions. High time it and it`s residents were bought up to date.

  Jak_1 12:04 03 Apr 2007

As Kate rightfully says, Royal Palaces are exempt. Westminster has been a Royal Palace for centuries, just that the monarchs have not lived there for centuries either but historically it has remained a Palace.
Interesting to note in the paper this morning was a developer who has built a home with the decor and fittings of a pub. He is able to invite people there and allowed to smoke as it is a private residence.
The ban is already in force in Wales.

  Cymro. 12:24 03 Apr 2007

Yes as you say "The ban is already in force in Wales."

And a good thing too I say, but the at least the Welsh Assembly Government

have not made an exemption in their own place of work.

  Strawballs 12:31 03 Apr 2007

I work in shipbuilding and I don't smoke but it does seem ridiculous to ban smokeing where there is burning, welding and then there are the fumes that come off air arcing.

But when it comes to pubs and such places I am all for it and maybee the ferry service that I use to get to work will enforce the no smoking area's because at the moment it is a waste of time complaining to the crew about people that do because the crew smoke while going through those area's

  Jak_1 12:40 03 Apr 2007

They have not made an exception at Westminster, by definition it is a Royal Palace, always has been. Palaces are private residences, the fact that the Monarchy does not live there is irrelevent. I do however believe that the government should have set a voluntary smoking ban there though in keeping with the draconian rules that they have set on the rest of the country.

  Cymro. 12:55 03 Apr 2007

Westminster, Royal Palace or not, it is still a place of work even

if only for the civil servants and such that work there.

As for the rules about smoking being draconian, I still

think it a good thing as such voluntary rules hardly ever work.

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