New shock advert.

  dagnammit 10:28 21 Aug 2009

Pretty powerful stuff showing the dangers of not paying attention while driving. The girl is in the middle of sending a text message on her phone and subsequently crashes...

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:37 21 Aug 2009

There are lots of films showing the horrors of war and as far as I can tell, they have had no effect in the reduction of conflict.


  exdragon 10:38 21 Aug 2009

That should be compulsive viewing for everyone over the legal driving age.

However, being in cynical mode, it'll probably be withdrawn as it'll be considered too graphic and viewers will be offered counselling.

  Strawballs 10:45 21 Aug 2009

I think it should be compulsary in sixth form and colleges to see it.

  Cymro. 10:54 21 Aug 2009

You say
"That should be compulsive viewing for everyone over the legal driving age".

I think it should be shown to all potential drivers no matter what age they are. Underage drivers are a big problem and it is they who all too often cause such accidents.

The film is very well made but I don`t know how much god it will do. Still I don`t see how showing it can do any harm and it might even do a bit of good.

  BRYNIT 11:16 21 Aug 2009

Some people will watch it and take note. But as usual a lot of youngsters or even older people will think this will never happen to me and forget about it. The same as the drink driving/speeding adverts.

The question that came to my mind after watching the film was what was the other driver doing. I calculated a 4 second gap before the third car collided with the two cars.

Any one who sees a car in front swerve would/should if paying attention slow down.

  Grey Goo 12:48 21 Aug 2009

I think there was some supposedly time dilation intended but it was not overly obvious.

  Colin 13:29 21 Aug 2009

Something needs to be done. After the initial hoo-hah over being fined for using a mobile phone whilst driving, every day I see more and more idiots doing so. Many are in well known utility company vehicles. I saw 3 driving home from work last night. But who’s there to stop them? My journey is over 20 miles long in suburban areas and I hardly ever see a police car. What’s the point of having laws if there’s no one to enforce them?

  carver 14:27 21 Aug 2009

My sentiments exactly, you hardly see any marked police cars patrolling the roads, the amount of people who still use a mobile while driving is alarming.

Maybe the penalty should be increased to a mandatory 3 month ban and having to retake a test.

But don't forget you do have speed cameras.

  laurie53 20:18 21 Aug 2009

I used to have a firearms licence.

If I had failed to comply in any way with the terms of that licence I would have lost it.

If that non-compliance resulted in damage to property I'd have lost it for a very long time.

If that non-compliance resulted in death or injury I would have lost it for good.

A car is a no less lethal weapon.

  carver 09:32 05 Sep 2009

A little update on this story click here

When some thing gets as much viewing as this you never know it might just save a lot of lives.

I showed it to my daughter and she was so shocked (might not be the right word) by the video that she now has her phone turned off while she is driving.

I think it's because the actors appear so young that the young people driving today can see them selfs as the driver.

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