New series of Minder - will it work??

  DANZIG 09:35 16 Jan 2009

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Just seen this advertised on 5. Personally I think Shane Ritchie was born to play the role, but will it work.

As the article states, the re-invention of Doctor Who has gone down a treat as has Daniel Craig playing Bond (another re-invention).

We'll never get to hear the line "Hit 'im Terry" again though.

What do others think??

  dagbladet 10:00 16 Jan 2009

Wiil it work?

Difficult to say. Often with these re-inventions, those that are seeing it for the first time will enjoy it on it's own merits, whereas those that saw the original will make comparisons, with the inevitable 'not as good, bah humbug'. Indeed there will undoubtedly be a proportion of naysayers, who will have already decided it's rubbish purely on the strength that George and Dennis were so revered and can never be replaced.

  newman35 10:20 16 Jan 2009

But there have been so many repeats on an almost daily basis that I can hardly believe there will be many not familiar with the 'old' Minder.

  dagbladet 10:58 16 Jan 2009

The repeats tend to be on the digital channels. I reckon there's a whole generation who have no idea about Minder.

  interzone55 11:36 16 Jan 2009

I've been watching the repeats of The Professionals on ITV4, it's complete rubbish.

I used to love it when I was young, but it pales when compared to modern programs.

Mind you the repeats of Dempsey & Makepeace on ITV3 are still OK, i'm not sure if it's because it's a bit grittier than the Professionals, or Glynis Barber distracts your eyes from the quality of the show.

The answer the original post though, I have to agree that the new Dr Who's are good, although I think Christopher Ecclestone was far better than David Tennant, but that could be just my Mancunian bias.

I also think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond, partly because it's much grittier, he gets injured and shows pain, that's a first for the films. And also the films are now much better quality, re-watching the Roger Moore & Sean Connery films shows the poor production values and poor acting.

So in summary, I can't see a problem with bringing old shows back, as long as they bring in new stories and characters, not just remaking the old programs scene for scene...

  newman35 12:05 16 Jan 2009

But I'd expect it more likely that 'younger' people would tend to have embraced digital already (via freeview,etc) the elderly being a bit more "I'll only have this new fangled stuff when I'm forced to".
In very general terms, of course, no offence intended to anyone!

  DANZIG 13:11 16 Jan 2009

You're right about The Professionals, I used to love it when I was a kid, but now it does look tragic (even though Lewis Collins does look VERY cool).

That is one series the TV companies should seriously consider remaking with maybe Collins or Shaw in the role originally played by Gordon Jackson?

  sunnystaines 13:18 16 Jan 2009

no, the young lad that replaced dennis waterman was not up to much and that is where the series ended for me.

most remakes are poor look at starsky hutch just never the same, i suppose kojak remake will be thought of soon still waiting for most of them to go dvd.

the 70's & early 80's had some great tv.

  pcmags 13:48 16 Jan 2009

Doubt it will work unless they do a good amount of PR on it.

  interzone55 14:39 16 Jan 2009

Kojak already done

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Original Kojak DVD sets

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  User-1229748 14:43 16 Jan 2009

i hope it does,if it's even half as good as the original it would still be streets ahead of most of todays offerings :o)

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