A new season kicks off today...

  mr simon 02:22 14 Aug 2010

For all you football haters, I'll start a paint-drying thread for you in a moment =)

Anyway, we kick off with Spurs vs City later today, and it looks like we are in for an interesting season.

We have a new team in the Champions League, a new threat to the title in the shape of Man City, and a decent sized handful of exciting foreign players joining us.

As a neutral, I can't help but feel it will be the red half of Manchester that takes it this year, they were very close last season, even with all those defensive issues, and Chelsea have sold some good players.

Mario Balotelli will be one to watch this season as well.

  zzzz999 08:32 14 Aug 2010

The EPL is now just a rich man's plaything. A soulless league so far removed from the fans its a wonder they don't play on Mars

  wiz-king 10:22 14 Aug 2010

Oh - is that what has changed the weather - winter started. Bring on the rugby.

  Bingalau 10:53 14 Aug 2010

I'm having a half-crown on my team Everton at 150 to 1 to win the Premiership title. (I can hear Brumas laughing from here). I think Blackpool is about 2000 to 1. That might be worth a shot to a gambler. Come to think of it, that is probably a better bet than mine on Everton. (In case anybody doesn't know what a half-crown is/was we used to get eight of them to a pound (Sterling).

  birdface 11:04 14 Aug 2010

Ever since the world Cup it has put me off from watching football.
Best football players in the world.Best clubs.
Hmm fraid not.
Maybe at one time but not anymore.

  lotvic 11:25 14 Aug 2010

Where is the Paint thread?

  Bingalau 15:32 14 Aug 2010

It's alongside the Tinned Tomato thread.

  JYPX 17:55 14 Aug 2010

Looking forward to it! The new rules to promote English born players mean that NEVER AGAIN will Arsenal be able to start a game with 11 foreign players! At last! This is great news!

Er.....just a minute, let me just check those new rules again.......

  OTT_B 01:03 15 Aug 2010

I think there's a valid comparison to be done between a 2" horsehair brush and a roller, to see if the dried finish is significantly different.

  morddwyd 08:39 15 Aug 2010



The OP made it perfectly clear what the thread was about so why did you open it?

Most people have hobbies or interests, and for some that is football.

Why not just let them get on with it?

  Quiller. 13:13 15 Aug 2010

thumpt 6-0 by chelsea
A good start for blackpool with 3 points on the board. I think they will find it harder over more difficult opposition.
As for spurs / man city. Harry Rednaps lads were all over city, like a rash. They should have killed the game off at half time.

Liverpool against the gunners this afternoon. I don't think liverpool will get the edge over wengers boys, though I would like the reds to get off to a good start.

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