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  Bingalau 12:08 13 Nov 2006

Thought I should pass this on from a genuine american site..

Can you fill me in on some of the new e-mail scams that I should be looking out for?

I sure can! That's a fantastic question. I've been seeing a lot of new spam e-mails coming through in both my work e-mail and my personal e-mail account. As you all know, it's quite frustrating. While there's not much we can do about them besides set up our spam filters and ignore them, it is important to know which ones might be plaguing your Inbox soon, if they haven't already.

I'm going to start with one of the main ones that has come about just within the last month. There has been an e-mail scam going around claiming to be from the director of the FBI, which is Robert Mueller III. This particular one has two parts to it and it will arrive in your mailbox at two different times. So, basically, it's trying to trap you twice. The first part is set up to be from the FBI director, telling you that you are a beneficiary to a large amount of money (much like the Nigerian scams).

It tells you that you can claim the money by getting an FBI Identification Record and a Certificate of Ownership. The scammers make it look more real, because they have parts of the FBI Web site in the actual e-mail, informing you on how to obtain the Identification Record. After that, the second part comes along, which is said to be from the FBI Compact Council Chairman, Donna M. Uzzell. This one then tells you how you can get a Certificate of Ownership, for a fee, from the country where the "money" is coming from. After all of that, the e-mail goes on to say that the FBI can track down whoever fails to follow through with this and that charges can be brought against you by the FBI.

Now, hopefully all of this sounds as ridiculous to you as it does to me. Of course, if you followed our rules of never opening an e-mail from a recipient you don't know, you never had to deal with this bogus information in the first place. But, if you did open the e-mail, just delete it right away. Don't look further into it, because it is all just a plain and simple hoax. Do not reply to it or anything!

There is another e-mail scam going around claiming to be from some of the U.S. Legislative offices, including The Senate Committee for Foreign Relations, The House Committee of International Relations, etc. The e-mail also says that it has been approved and witnessed by several members of the Senate and the House. It asks for several pieces of personal information and you should just ignore it! It has a link for you to click on, but do not do it! Just delete it from your e-mail completely and do not think twice about it.

One other big scam that is going around is an auto auction fraud. This one deals with Internet auction fraud for automobiles that are up for sale. Most of the autos are located in Europe though. This of course, leads you to pay by a Western Union account or another type of wire transfer and along with getting your personal information, they will never send you an automobile. And yes, you guessed it. Your money is unrecoverable as well. If you're ever going to purchase something big like that over the Internet, do extensive research on it beforehand. Don't get caught in something like this.

There are actually a couple other scams that I personally have been getting in my e-mail lately. One comes in a subject form of "It's..." and it has a person's name. For example, I've gotten some that say, "It's Kelley," "It's Melvin," It's Rachel," etc. I haven't opened any of them to tell you what they're even about, but I know they're not legit. Another one that has been showing up is one that says, "hi..." and it uses the beginning part of my e-mail address. I receive some that have other peoples' addresses listed too. They come from a person whose name sounds normal (for example, Grant Helton), but they're all just spam.

If you happen to get those or any others that look shady or unrecognizable, just delete them. They're not worth getting caught up in. Trust me on this one!

Passed on by ..Bingalau..

  Bingalau 14:08 13 Nov 2006

^ ..Bingalau..

  IClaudio 16:17 13 Nov 2006

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