The New Road Tax.

  woodchip 19:42 30 Apr 2008

How does it, will it affect you?

Check out the link on the site for your car

click here

  Curio 20:09 30 Apr 2008

Oh well, just another £20 on the VEL.

  Clapton is God 20:20 30 Apr 2008

An extra £5 a year for my Golf.

I can live with that

  jack 20:23 30 Apr 2008

to have cars that's the long and short of it.

Trouble is some folk will be panicked into changing a car to save,say,£20 Road Tax and a bit on petrol
and lose £1000/s in the process.

I have over the years having got into a spending frenzy and looked to change a car- changed my mind and run the one I already have into the ground .
The one I have now is 6 years old, done 26000 miles and is worth tuppence - so I'll keep it, even though the tax goes up 20 quid or so.

  peter99co 20:32 30 Apr 2008

backdating the CO2 charge seven years.

click here

  oresome 21:23 30 Apr 2008

Band C at present changing to band E next year saving £10, or 8 litres of diesel.

Mind you, it goes up again in 2009.

  oresome 21:23 30 Apr 2008

Band C at present changing to band E next year saving £10, or 8 litres of diesel.

Mind you, it goes up again in 2009.

  Kev.Ifty 21:51 30 Apr 2008

I am looking for a training course, I hope some one can help me.

I wish to change my career. At the moment I am an ordinary working class bloke, married, two kids, a Mortgage, a job (one that if I do enough overtime I can pay my Mortgage each month on time) and second hand car on the drive.

The course I am interested in is one.. Sorry not sure of the name. Its the one where you can claim from your employer for every Penny you spend. I may be wrong but apparently you can pretend to employ any member of your family and pay them above average wage for doing nothing.

I have also been told if you choose to have a house with your other bird in, in London, you can get loads of free stuff from John Lewis.

What was that job called? I wish I had more time to think of it, sorry I have to go and pay my gas/leccy bill.


  ashdav 22:25 30 Apr 2008

That'll be MP then...
Nice work if you can get it.
You will lose all you friends and every time you tie your boot laces there will be a picture in the papers but what price an index linked pension eh?

  georgemac © 22:28 30 Apr 2008

Nice one - I like it and can you spare a job for me when you are in charge?

Think I am going up by £5 for my diesel burner but my fuel price when compared to petrol, and therefore VAT paid on fuel is much much more

I have had a couple of 1.4 litre petrol hire cars recently and I cannot believe how poor the fuel consumption is so can understand their high rating. Their mpg is 40-50% higher than my diesel burner and their performance is woeful in comparison.

  anskyber 22:41 30 Apr 2008

Band B for me now and in 2009. £20 a year, I like it.

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