New printer cheaper than replacement cartridge.

  ex-wirecutter 15:27 19 Jan 2009

I can buy a printer for about half the price of a replacement cartridge , so in other words it's cheaper to keep buying printers ,take out the cartridges , then throw the printers away. Can anyone explain the logic in this .

  Quickbeam 15:33 19 Jan 2009

Well, it keeps people in work during the recession if nothing else...

  dagbladet 15:35 19 Jan 2009

Been that way for years. Get the printer cheap, then fleece you on the carts. It's difficult for us to see the logic, but for the printer makers it must make sense.

  Quickbeam 15:37 19 Jan 2009

"then fleece you on the cart"
But unless I'm printing photos, I use the budget inks for printing invoices and so.

  spuds 15:43 19 Jan 2009

You could always try re-filling your own cartridges. Perhaps a little messy at times, but far far cheaper than originals or compatibles.

  Quickbeam 16:00 19 Jan 2009

If you print a lot, consider a continuous ink system click here

  donki 18:06 19 Jan 2009

I have one for my canon printer and it works a treat, especially when i print a lot of photos.

  newman35 18:13 19 Jan 2009

Only use my Canon printer for invoices and a few photos (that I need quickly), then I tend to wait till I have about 100+ photos and send to a lab for prints - they do them much cheaper than the cost of paper and cartridges.

  Colin 20:37 19 Jan 2009

"I can buy a printer for about half the price of a replacement cartridge" - is this a figure of speech or have you got a link to support this? I know that the price of a set of genuine replacement cartridges can be the same as the price of the printer, but a printer for about half the price of a replacement cartridge?

  interzone55 21:30 19 Jan 2009

The cartridges in the boxed printer will be half full...

  spuds 00:15 20 Jan 2009

Colin, I was buying new Canon Pixma MP210 all-in-one printers the other week from Ebuyer for a little over £16.00, plus a couple of years ago, I was buying new Dell printers for £9.99 delivered. Both items came complete, and ready to work out of the box.

alan14, some not all printers come with low capacity cartridges. The above mentioned printers came with original full cartridges. I have also recently purchased a Brother DCP-135C all-in-one, and that came with full original cartridges.

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