New Police Camera on Road

  wids001 06:45 18 Nov 2010

Yesterday, whilst returning home we noticed a police car parked in a layby with a small camera mounted on a tripod behind the vehicle facing on-coming traffic.

It was positioned approximately 600m/2' off the ground and was a long cylinderical tube type about 3" diameter.

I have been told that these type of cameras are being used by highway agency vehicles and also VOSA enforcement cars.

Anyone know what they are for? A new type of speed camera? Number plate recognition?

  KremmenUK 07:04 18 Nov 2010

I'd post this over on the PGPSW website where they know all about the various types of camera in use.

  [email protected] 00:35 19 Nov 2010

click here

I've seen them twice in my local area (South Tyneside) in last few months. The car in question though is painted slightly differently - just white with a big speed camera logo on the side of it - no mention of the word 'Police' anywhere as far as I could tell.

The first time I seen it I thought I was following one of Google's cars at first!

  octal 05:58 19 Nov 2010

Our local authority uses those to regulate parking, they are always zooming around the district.

  morddwyd 08:50 19 Nov 2010

Once again the poor hard done by motorist is being penalised for breaking the law.

  interzone55 10:16 19 Nov 2010

The tripod mounted cameras are for checking number plates against the insurers' and DVLA databases.

There are far too many untaxed & uninsured cars on the road, so police are cracking down hard.

Remember if a car doesn't have tax or insurance it's also unlikely to have a MOT, so is potentially unroadworthy and a danger to other road-users.

Uninsured drivers increase the cost of insurance for everyone else, so this is definitely a good thing.

In Rochdale they have a little Smart car that parks on traffic islands with a camera on the roof.

  timsmith259 10:47 19 Nov 2010

[email protected] Ive seen the camera mounted on the smart car being used as normal cameras at a few junctions in Harrow, Queensbury, without the car being used as normal cameras

  timsmith259 10:51 19 Nov 2010

Ive seen harrow council use their small vans with cctv where they use near schools and busy junctions, its more money revenue for them leaving us drivers with less money.

Ive also noticed more signs going up where you could do u turns and no you cant they using the cameras to catch people. Same with parking spaces they are drawing double yellow lines down on some streets to restrict parking hence more fines.

Its getting beyond the joke they are literally using these tools just to get revenue

  jakimo 11:42 19 Nov 2010

On the subject of police cameras,its regularly commented on the Forum that

'If you've done nothing wrong,then you've nothing to worry about'

  Adam2605 12:37 19 Nov 2010

Just another way to control this nation's speed limits and increase the amount of money they get in via fines.

Good stuff :S

  karmgord 18:55 19 Nov 2010

probably a portable ANPR camera nothing to do with speeding

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