New parking rules come into force today

  Quickbeam 08:46 31 Mar 2008

click here Why today? If tomorrow there would be millions that would think it an April fools joke... Mind you, the motoring organizations think that anyway :)

  sunny staines 09:38 31 Mar 2008

on the news today some old biddy stopped to let a bus out and got a ticket for parking for 5 seconds by one of these cameras

  Bingalau 10:38 31 Mar 2008

sunny stains. That was me, let's have a bit less of the "biddy".

  Chris the Ancient 12:20 31 Mar 2008

Some 5 seconds! The pictures are taken, allegedly, 8 seconds apart. Being more serious for a moment, this is a certain demonstration of how difficult this new system will be for a lot of people as it has been confessed that it could take weeks - rather than days - for a ticket to drop through the letter box.

For many drivers, this can cause potential problems. My car is a company car, so it would take even longer (an extra 3 weeks or so, to get through our systems and then to me).

Add to that, my father, whom I have to ferry around occasionally, has a blue badge. This would certainly not be expected in my (rather obviously marked) car and the situation could get worse,

Also, I have to drop of customers who, inevitably, live where there are the dreaded 'double yellows' and it gets even more complicated.

I do try to not park in illegal positions; but my life is going to get more complicated now. :-((

  wee eddie 14:00 31 Mar 2008

between Parking and Stopping.

I would guess that in the first, the Driver turns off the engine and leaves the Vehicle. In the second, the Driver remains in the Vehicle with the engine running.

But is this the case?

Or does the law not differentiate?

  kingisangus 14:28 31 Mar 2008

What annoyed me the most watching the interview on the BBC this morning was the minister who could not understand the hosts point. The minister just kept repeating that the appeals process would be a lot more straightforward, so this means we have moved to a situation where you get a ticket and then its your job to prove that you are innocent.

I always thought our legal system worked the other way round!!

  sunny staines 15:29 31 Mar 2008


your famous now then, what happened to you ticket? I hope they have cancelled it for you, post us an update.

  georgemac © 16:52 31 Mar 2008

I think the system would be better if for a successful appeal, the council was forced to pay compensation to the person making the appeal, for their time spent on the paperwork. May make the council more careful about the tickets they send out?

BBC article said 1% of cases goe to appeal, and of these 60% are successful. Also guess a lot of people just pay up as they don't have the time to pursue it.

  Forum Editor 18:05 31 Mar 2008

to have their appeals heard by telephone instead of attending hearings or ask for appeals to be switched to their home town."

That makes sense, but I hope they have plenty of people answering the phones - there will lots of appeals.

  oresome 18:43 31 Mar 2008

As Chris the Ancient points out, you can hardly appeal if you don't remember the incident.

Getting the ticket several weeks later can cause many problems, especially for those vehicle with multiple drivers.

  Weskit 19:06 31 Mar 2008

I used to deal with the drafting of parking restriction orders and, as I recall, they always included a proviso to enable a driver to stop in a restricted area for so long as was reasonably necessary to enable a person to board or alight from the vehicle, or to load or unload goods, except where there were specific loading restrictions.If one is now prosecuted one would have to obtain a copy of the relevant traffic order to see what it allowed. Perhaps they have now moved the goal posts...

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