New Newspaper

  morddwyd 07:53 02 Nov 2010

Anybody seen a copy of the new "slimmed down" newspaper (i) published by the Independent?

I've been trying to track one down since it was launched last week, but without success.

Is it that popular already?

  Quickbeam 08:25 02 Nov 2010

Does a 'new newspaper' contain newer news than an old newspaper?

  jack 08:36 02 Nov 2010

As a tabloid as opposed to its former Broadsheet format?

I have seen the tabloid in the TV news programs that review the papers..
I have not seen it in the flesh, but then I am not a regular frequenter of news agents, I may take a ride to Blue Water this afternoon and have a look in WH Smith, just for you

It is likely that as the Independant is now part of the London Evening Standard, and that newspaper printing is regional- the tabloid version may be only available in the London region- being printed on the Evening standard presses- whereas the regional version are still broad sheet.
As I think you are in Wales morddwyd it is likely your source is Manchester.
All guess worrk on my part you understand.

  interzone55 08:40 02 Nov 2010

I've seen it in Asda & Smiths, but not bothered to buy it. I've always considered the Indie as a cure for insomnia...

  morddwyd 09:23 02 Nov 2010

Don't take a national daily for the very reasons this one has been introduced - they're too bloated.

Just thought I'd give it a try.

However, if they're only going to reach Indie readers anyway, they're just taking readers from a stablemate.

  morddwyd 08:33 07 Nov 2010

For the record, not generally available in Scotland.

  gengiscant 08:52 07 Nov 2010

I eventually got up here in Edinburgh, not overly impressed, but there again I am struggling to find a newspaper that I actually enjoy reading.
The tabloids are full of stories on so called 'celebs'.
The broad and not so broadsheets are full of articles I also have no interest in.

'i'was a mixture of both.

  morddwyd 08:55 07 Nov 2010


Bit far to go to check out a morning paper.

Perhaps I'll go to Dundee and have a quick troll around the first class compartments when the London trains come in!

  Forum Editor 09:33 07 Nov 2010

I had to travel on the underground, and thought I would give it a try.

I was favourably impressed.

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