The New Messiah

  Grey Goo 19:04 14 Nov 2008

Well it looks like Gordon Brown has gone into "5 loaves and 2 fishes" mode. He is convinced that there is an everlasting supply of money for him to throw at just about everything, I wonder if anyone is keeping an inventory.

  newman35 19:07 14 Nov 2008

What has he actually done/said?

  newman35 19:09 14 Nov 2008

he's getting loans from all the Tory MSPs under suspicion of fiddling accounts? They're all the same!

  newman35 19:10 14 Nov 2008

Too quick - MEPs not MSPs (sorry Scotland).

  lofty29 19:13 14 Nov 2008

Don't worry he has, yours and mine, dear darling has already said that taxes will have to be increased at a future date to pay it back, after the next election.

  laurie53 19:58 14 Nov 2008

"sorry Scotland"

What makes you think ours are different?

  interzone55 20:42 14 Nov 2008

Perhaps he's learning from Dubya, the US national debt is about 20% of the world GDP

click here
click here_(nominal)

  bremner 20:50 14 Nov 2008

"He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy" :o)

  DieSse 20:58 14 Nov 2008

rotflmao - classic

  Legolas 19:28 16 Nov 2008

Just read this thread LOL very funny

  lofty29 20:10 16 Nov 2008

If G.B. is so wonderful, then why is the UK pound almost in freefall against the other major currencies, could it just be that the policies over the last years have made this country so vunerable, and the proposed borrowing levels insane. Also that since our manufacturing industry has virtually been destroyed and we have relied upon the financial sector so much.

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