New Low

  Jameslayer 22:37 06 Dec 2010

Cant believe I'm and listening to Christmas songs and bobbing along. I love Christmas.

  cycoze 23:12 06 Dec 2010

Nothing wrong with enjoying something!

  Strawballs 00:02 07 Dec 2010

A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite stories I think we must have just about every version of that story made!!

  Bingalau 09:17 07 Dec 2010

What, even the "Muppet" one?

  wolfie3000 09:27 07 Dec 2010
  egapup 10:45 07 Dec 2010

Our 7 year old grandaughter came to stay last weekend, she lives in Plymouth, we asked which carols they were singing in school and she said they were'nt, they dont have assemblys and dont sing hymnes or carols and the Christmas play is Wind in the Willows. That really upset us, to think that she's missing out on so much is really bad.

  Quickbeam 11:36 07 Dec 2010

That's what comes from embracing the 'bah bah rainbow sheep' philosophy.

  Strawballs 20:43 07 Dec 2010

Especially the Muppet one !!!

  Strawballs 20:44 07 Dec 2010

We even have the soundtrack to that one

  Strawballs 23:40 07 Dec 2010
  Jameslayer 00:44 08 Dec 2010

I started to dance along to the music as well. My place of work we are teaching children christmas songs having a christmas party mince pie afternoon.

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