New Laws on Succession

  K_elt 18:31 22 Apr 2008

How far do people think Solicitor General Vera Baird will get with her proposed changes to current law on succession?

She has stated the current laws are "unfair" and "a load of rubbish".

I think this is another step in preparing the country to become a republic.

I'm surprised it has taken as long for this issue to be addressed under laws relating to sex and religious discrimination.

I can see the law relating to male/female succession being changed readily enough, but I don't know if changing the rules on marrying a catholic will happen as quickly. Maybe not until the present queen steps down perhaps.

  interzone55 21:08 22 Apr 2008

Charlie married a Catholic & as far as I'm aware he's still the Heir Apparent...

  laurie53 09:10 23 Apr 2008

Marry a Catholic?

Can you imagine the apoplexy some people would have if one of them wanted to marry a Muslim, which is, of course, perfectly permissible?

It's just Catholics who are discriminated against.

  K_elt 18:08 23 Apr 2008

From TimesOnline 10/02/05, in a comment from Lord St John of Fawsley, the former Conservative Cabinet minister "Her previous husband was Catholic, but she was never Catholic. Thank God, she is not a Catholic,,,"

fourm member, because it wouldn't be a problem now is why I would think it would be easy to deal with now.

I think there are still many who would probably have a problem if a Catholic were to become a member of the royal family. Worse still to become heir.

laurie53, funny that, isn't it, that it is still only the Catholic faith that is not allowed. By the 1980's you would have thought it would have been changed to all other religions.

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