A new idea by spammers?

  Chris the Ancient 09:52 03 Aug 2010

This morning, I received an interesting email and it referred to a spam thread which I reported (and FE deleted).

"Hello Chris the Ancient, Very sorry to trouble you. This is Carolyn from China. I posted a thread--'A new special business gift-- mobile scanner' yesterday, and get an email that said you have replied me. But when I check your reply, it said error. So I want to know what you said, because it's my first time to post message on the forum. Hope your reply, and many thanks for your kind reply on the forum."

The spammer looks to be harvesting names for emails because the thread she referred to was deleted and the one she used was completely different. And I hadn't replied to her, I had contributed to a (later deleted) spam thread.


  Covergirl 10:15 03 Aug 2010

Open yourself a secondary email account with your ISP, copy the link into a new email, past in the relevent text about spamming, send email, remove seconday email account, sit back and feel good ! :)

  Chris the Ancient 10:32 03 Aug 2010

Neat idea.

I'll hang on a little to see culprit spots this thread - and lack of response to hers - and then do it with a one-shot account.

  Woolwell 11:56 03 Aug 2010

If you are going to do it then I would use a hotmail or gmail account. But personally I wouldn't bother as it will confirm that you have received her e-mail and that the address she was using is correct.

My policy with spam is ignore, delete and never, ever reply.

  jack 12:30 03 Aug 2010

Can the Spam

  ella33 13:43 03 Aug 2010

How did this spammer get your email address? because you reported them?

Is that a way to get to know people? (Sorry the last one was a joke!)

I just check spam folder for any missing mail and then delete the boxful. If it turns up in the inbox, I delete without opening.

Someone did say (and I am trying hard to remember who and when) to just leave it in the spam folder, or inbox because even deleting without opening shows that it has reached an address. It gets in the way though, so I do delete it.
(Apologies for going slightly off track)

  Chris the Ancient 13:55 03 Aug 2010


Good point. I'll ignore her.


I presume she looked up another of my thread contributions having remembered my name and used the yellow envelope. I have since emptied my spam folder anyway.

  ella33 15:55 03 Aug 2010

So if she used the yellow envelope, she presumably didn't have your email address. If you replied, she would have an address of some sort, even if it was a bogus one as Covergirl suggests. It seems right to ignore as you probably won't hear anything more from them.

They seem to be pretty hard sellers if they spam here and then contact people.

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