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  Bellboy 09:11 03 Nov 2005

I like the new Home Page, but would it not be better to show "last visited" as the previous visit and not the current.

I guess most of us know what day it is!


  Forum Editor 16:39 03 Nov 2005

an excellent suggestion.

  shizzy 22:03 03 Nov 2005

Mine does show 02/11/05 as last login so that was quick FE.

  Forum Editor 22:58 03 Nov 2005

It was a good idea, so we made the change immediately.

  josie mayhem 00:39 04 Nov 2005

speak for your self..

I find it very difficult to really know what day I'm In.......

Mind you it is due to my job at the moment, having to shuffle around rotas with another work collegue to ensure that everything covered, means that I've swapped my normal days off and having a different day offs, plus working extra hours and shifts, has completly blowen the mind. Don't know where I'm to with out my piece of paper!

I've never been know not to turn up for work, but I have been known to turn up for work on several occassions now, when it's been my day off......

  Bellboy 11:15 05 Nov 2005





  stalion 17:38 05 Nov 2005

faster than the speed of light then lol

  Kate B 19:22 05 Nov 2005

Glad the leading has been opened up on the forum pages - vast improvement. Can the same now be done to the posts themselves?

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