New Hobby Update

  crosstrainer 07:37 31 Oct 2008

For those who were following the thread about my new tropical tank....

Things are proceeding well. I now have 4 (Small variety) Plecs, Cardinal Tetras (stunning fish) and yesterday added 6 Bleeding heart Tetras (larger than the cardinals but seem completely at home with them.

The tank is planted with Elodea and grass and is coming on very nicely. I am now looking to add (not for a few weeks yet) some "Feature fish" Larger but peaceful South American Cilchids but as yet undecided as to which ones.

Many seem far too large (like Oscars) but will keep browsing for something suitable.

Also added 4 assassin snails which do a great job of keeping the snails from the plants, and the debris at the bottom of the tank in check.

  lofty29 08:30 31 Oct 2008

Really pleased to hear it is going well, was only wondering the other day how you were getting on, it will give you a hell of a lot of pleasure over the years

  crosstrainer 08:41 31 Oct 2008

Certainly beats TV! It's hardly been on since I got the tank set up. Fascinating to watch how the fish behave...Especially at feeding time.

  Quickbeam 09:17 31 Oct 2008

But there's only 1 channel;)

  crosstrainer 09:29 31 Oct 2008

Yes, but it's always different! You watch an entire ecosystem evolving....Beats reality tv hands down :))

  m800afc 09:30 31 Oct 2008

...and all repeats!

I'm pleased your hobby is going well. When I was little, many moons ago I lived in a small terraced house with an old fashioned iron fireplace and oven. My Dad put a shelf against the wall of the oven and installed a small tank, he spent ages adding insulation between the oven and the tank until he got the right temperature, before adding the fish. We kept tiny neons amongst others, none above about an inch or so. We moved house in my teens and I have no idea what happened to the fish.

  sunnystaines 09:51 31 Oct 2008

oscars are like pit bulls of the fish tank world, they will bully other fish. on the other side you can see their personality and get then to feed from your hand they like raw mince, they will come to the glass if you look in fun fish to keep but best with their own breed.

  laurie53 10:03 31 Oct 2008

"You watch an entire ecosystem evolving"

Did that when they built a new primary just down the road. lol!

  Condom 10:07 31 Oct 2008

Great to know things are going well for you. I have a friend who started this 10 years ago and the bug "got" to him. He now has a computerised set up which Microsoft would be proud of controlling the temperature and salt content of the water and the tank covers the whole side of one room. Seemingly looking after salt water fish is a whole different ball game. But boy does it look wonderful.

  crosstrainer 10:14 31 Oct 2008


  Seth Haniel 10:16 31 Oct 2008

ever thought of small aquatic frogs - use to have a couple in in with our neons, guppies, and catfish.

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