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  crosstrainer 07:31 05 Oct 2008

I have just purchased a new tropical aquriam
click here

Mine has a silver and black cabinet insyead of the beech.

I have always enjoyed watching these tanks, and after a lot of research have opted for this setup.

Anyone else keep fish, and have any advice on how best to procedd?

The tank was filled yesterday, has a sand substrate, and chlorine has been removed and filter start added.

  lofty29 10:01 05 Oct 2008

It is a facinating hobby, have had one for many years, it depends on what type of fish you are going to keep, some are very tricky, others need only a small amount of care. I tend to stick to the cheaper fish, at least then if you loose any you are not greatly out of pocket and you dont have the dissapiontment of loosing them. Add your fish a few at a time, shove in some weed, I use the eloda which is cheap and very hardy. I do not do the massive weekly water changes which a lot of people go in for, but make sure you get a couple of scavengers, nice tank by the way.

  lofty29 10:13 05 Oct 2008

additional info:
a good starter fish are peguin tetras, very hardy, I also have ordinary tetras, one large plec( scavenger) two large clowns (scavengers) but shy,platies which are easy, and when settled down breed like mad. have tried siamese fighting fish( only one at a time) but could not keep them very long.

  lofty29 10:34 05 Oct 2008

Just had an additional thought, ifthe filter start you have added is dried bacteria then you will need to get a few fish in quickly as the bacteria will die without fish since it lives on fish waste

  egapup 10:58 05 Oct 2008

Just put one fish in to start, leave it a couple of weeks before adding more.

  crosstrainer 10:59 05 Oct 2008

Thanks for the info. The filter start is in liquid form, and I have a neighbour who has 3 tanks, so he helped me to set it up yesterday.

I bought some attractive rocks, and will be planting with rock attaching plants, as well as grass.

As to the fish, now there is the question. I know my neighbour has tried unsuccessfully to keep Discus, so I thought about going for a 7.5 ph setup, as many very attractive fish will live in this water.

It's a very large tank, but have been advised that the bigger they are the easier they are to maintain.

Tetra's, an algae eater (not a plec, as they are ugly and grow to a huge size very quickly) will be my first inhabitants I think.

Also some medium sized Clown Loach, and a couple of Assassin Snails to deal with snail removal from the plants.

Does that sound a good idea? Or should I perhaps go for the easier ph 7 option? Plenty of time to decide :))

  Chegs ®™ 11:38 05 Oct 2008

I'm always wary near aquariums now since a mate built his own huge tank and while we were just chatting there was a loud crack as it broke and flooded the room.

  lofty29 11:54 05 Oct 2008

Yes plecs grow big and are ugly, but I like mine, hes called GUMS had him for years, what chegs say's is a point make sure your house insurance covers fish tanks as a lot do not, I am sure that when you get it settled down it will give you a lot of pleasure. One of the problems is that the most attractive fish that you would like to keep are the most expensive and the most difficult to keep, that is why I have the selection that I do, I have found that as my clown's have got older and bigger that they spend most of the daytime hiding behind the rocks.

  spuds 14:05 05 Oct 2008

If you intend to keep tropicals, get them from a knowledgeable seller. I tried the hobby a couple of times, and had failures on both occasions. First time it was fish attacking other fish. Second time it was a faulty thermostat and the fish perished.

And I was told " A hungry fish is an healthy fish". Do not overfeed.

A neighbour of mine as just lost three very beautifully shark like fish, for some unknown reason. The rather large and expensive tank is now going to be a home for one of the children's pet snake.

  crosstrainer 16:04 05 Oct 2008

Got all my stuff from:

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A truly stunning collection and variety. A huge marine tank (see link) and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

  sunny staines 16:45 05 Oct 2008

click here

do not follow this example

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