The new Gorbals Mick wants twenty grand

  dagnammit 23:00 05 Aug 2009

to make his new home child friendly.

Sorry bud, you had the kids and you wanted the job. You pay for it!

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  bluto1 23:12 05 Aug 2009

Who has the guts, in this Labour Government, to deny him?

  laurie53 07:33 06 Aug 2009

"Items ordered by the new Speaker, elected after Michael Martin stepped down amid the expenses row, include a £6,764 sofa suite,"

How does this make home more child friendly?

  Stuartli 18:07 06 Aug 2009

You won't be surprised to learn that the vast majority of his political party's fellow MPs are often said to have little or no time for him.

  laurie53 08:09 07 Aug 2009

"You may be happy for them to sit on an MFI settee"

For all his faults I doubt if the last Speaker had an MFI settee in his gaff, and I also doubt that whatever he did have was worn out and needed replacing.

  jack 08:37 07 Aug 2009

Surely it would make good PR to have 'Official' residences to look 'Lived in' as opposed to being 'Opulent'

So HM controller of the the house the C&G residence should reflect the current state of the nation

'Thread bare'

  sunnystaines 08:38 07 Aug 2009

why so much

  dagnammit 10:42 07 Aug 2009

I rent this house... do you think I could get my employer or landlord to fork out to make it more child friendly?

I'll call up both and ask for a grand to decorate a playroom... I'm betting neither will give me it.

Planters, blackboards, clocks etc... he should buy them himself and then take them with him when he moves out.

£7,000 for a sofa? While I ain't suggesting an Argos £199 job... I still say it's far too lavish. Besides next year he'll probably want what ever style is in vogue then. Or his kid will have pee'd it or something and we'll pay to replace it.

He's just a younger version of Mick IMO, erm why did that job become vacant in the first place?

  dagnammit 10:45 07 Aug 2009

£760 on window seat cushions?

Is his ass better than the rest of ours? Maybe it is as that's where what he, and most MPs, talk out of.

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