New Gas Price !

  birdface 11:28 30 Aug 2011


I was searching for a cheaper gas company and got a quote from from Npower that was going to be £90 cheaper than the company I use now.

But on further investigation I find that they are going to increase gas prices by about 17% in October.

Would I have to pay the increase if taking out the years contract at today's price.[probably]

The company I deal with at the moment is putting it's prices up this month again by about 14%.

Anyone recommend a cheaper alternative or maybe even a fixed price one.


Not sure if this should be in Consumerwatch or even the Helproom so feel free to move it if required.

  lotvic 12:01 30 Aug 2011

I recommend to get a fixed price deal then you know price can't increase for term of deal.

Go to and about halfway down are links to also get cashback for switching through them. I went for the £30 cashback from the link to Moneysupermarket (Dual Fuel)

You input your kWh used over last year and deal you're on and it comes up with a table of alternatives and costings.

Did the same last year and got £50 cashback from and also the deal from Power company gave me an additional £105 cashback. This has been paid direct into my bank a/c. Well pleased with that :)

Am just changing again and have got fixed price (before the price increases) and will get £30 cashback from Moneysupermarket.

  birdface 12:17 30 Aug 2011

Thanks Lotvic I will have a look at that.

  john 52 18:18 30 Aug 2011

EDF have launched there Fixed [email protected] Version 2 again to compete with the Scottish power new fixed tariff after EDF had removed it from the market

Also have a look at top cash back or quidco for any cash back deals and use a comparison website to check which deal is best for you

  birdface 18:30 30 Aug 2011


Yes have tried to find the cheapest and it was N Power But that was just from compare the market.About £80 cheaper than the others.

Not sure if a fixed price is the best idea or not.Gas prices surly cannot get any higher so going with that they must come down.

At the moment just thinking about N-power which is £93 cheaper than the Gas provider that I have.

  john 52 20:45 30 Aug 2011

Its a difficult one as to if energy prices will rise ? I myself fixed to 2014 I know its a gamble as I may pay more in the short term but may gain in the longer term .

Co-op energy may be worth a look they may not always be the cheapest but there pricing plans are simple and being the co-op will be honest to deal with

co-op energy

  john 52 20:49 30 Aug 2011
  birdface 23:04 30 Aug 2011

Hi john 52

Had a look at the COOP and you can get Gas + Electric or just electric but can't get just Gas.

So could get no further with them.

  john 52 09:17 31 Aug 2011

That is strange buteman this was taken from the co-op energy website they should make it clear on there website

To make things easy, you can switch both your gas and electricity to us, commonly known as “dual fuel” or switch just one if you prefer; it’s up to you.

  birdface 09:47 31 Aug 2011

Tried it I only want to switch gas.And got the above results.Tried a few times and Electric only and not gas.

But will have another try a bit later in case I missed something.

Getting a bit fed up with PCA site errors on here just now.

Can't post using Firefox so trying I/E now to see if it will work.

  birdface 10:17 31 Aug 2011

Nope just the same.

What do you want to compare?

Electricity & gas Just electricity

Nothing about just gas.

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