Is this the new friendly Tory party?

  Cymro. 17:36 11 May 2011

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Personaly it is just the sort of thing I would have expected of the Tories

  canarieslover 19:18 11 May 2011

The alternative for companies is to take on employees on short term contracts. This is even worse for the worker as they never build up enough service to qualify for any redundancy payment, or, worse still, have security of employment to support application for a mortgage. My Daughter in Law is currently having to re-apply for her own job due to the short term contract that she had to sign. If she doesn't get the job then she won't get any redundancy. Is that better than having the job on a proper basis and then being made redundant two or three years down the line? I don't think so as if her short term contracts were lumped together she would have been entitled to a small redundancy payment.

  Terry Brown 20:28 11 May 2011

I have been in Short term renewable /contract work for about 14 years, and I agree you do not get redundency when the work finishes, however, there are often other opertunities, you hear about while you are working, and it makes it easier to move from position to position without too much hassle, on top of that, if you see a better offer, and your employer wants your to renew, you can ofter get better terms and/or a payrise.

Two sides of the same coin

The way I look at is- If you are in a long term employment, after a while you get in a rut and so not try as hard, however if you are looking at deadlines, you make he extra effort, and yes before you ask I have been an Employer as well as an Employee.


  Condom 23:44 12 May 2011

In a word NO

  Chegs ®™ 07:34 13 May 2011

I can agree in part,employee payouts at tribunals often seem excessive(also seeing more repeat tribunal chasers,unfortunately only revealed after the tribunal has ended)so could be reviewed.Meddling with other employment laws that appears to produce insecurity in those on contracts doesn't sound like a good idea.I recall working on a short term contract within the construction industry & with so many other construction firms on the same site once you'd got a foot in the door you were able to find other work on the same site with a new employer easily.Once out the loop as you'd failed to find another job before access to the site (pass expired) became awkward,you were pretty well stuffed unless your mates still onsite found you a job.The main employers around this area appear to be having trouble maintaining morale,if the regular letters in the local paper are used as an indicator.

  birdface 17:36 13 May 2011

Even if you may get made redundant you may not be able to sign on the unemployment register, Going with the news today they are going to close a number of those as well.

You would have thought that as the unemployment is about to increase they should be keeping them open.

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