new forum layout again, I dont know how to log in

  ferrispedro 15:36 02 Jun 2015

I am baffled,how do I sign in,where is the forum search facility? I am asking but I will not know how to find my replies!

  rdave13 15:45 02 Jun 2015

Tap the tool icon (3 horizontal lines) on top left for logging in or out.

  Matt Egan 16:08 02 Jun 2015

What rdave13 said. We are working on making log in, sign up and search more prominent. Unfortunately these things never seem to work seamlessly, but we will get there. Thanks for your patience.


  lotvic 19:00 02 Jun 2015

Thanks rdave13, I couldn't find the login link, tried earlier with the login via 'Site Map' link at bottom but it wasn't working right. Must have been too soon after the new makeover :)

  Matt Egan 20:28 02 Jun 2015

We are working through bugs as we find them. And we will find them, I'm afraid! It will be worth it in the end.

  bumpkin 20:36 02 Jun 2015

I have googled this but not really found any clarification. What exactly does it mean i.e. I can use it for a year and then have to buy it or does it mean that if I download it within the year I can continue to use it without any later payment.

  tullie 20:46 02 Jun 2015

You lost Bumpkin lol

  lotvic 20:48 02 Jun 2015

bumpkin, are you in the right Thread? are you referring to Windows 10 download?

Matt Egan, This 'Autofill' History is a bit weird to use.

  lotvic 20:52 02 Jun 2015

When I used the autofill history thing (because I wasn't logged in so 'lost' my text in compose box) it sort of worked (didn't understand it) I clicked on Post, then it said 'Congrats' - what's that all about? do I win a prize for managing it?

  lotvic 21:36 02 Jun 2015

Matt Egan, If you hover on a name in the Last Response column the popup says 'View Fredxxx's profile' but if you click on it you get the Thread Starters 'Forum Activity Discussions contributed to' and not Fredxxx's.

  robin_x 23:29 02 Jun 2015

I have used Lazarus Form Recovery for 5 years.

If you lose text in the Reply box (on any site), right-click and you can Recover text from previous attempts or successful posts

It's available as an extension/add-on for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

click here

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