The new evolving business speak named Global

  TopCat® 17:55 25 Jan 2009

Seems our business people and others will have to swot up on this rising new language or we could be left out of the discussions. Zut alors! :o) TC.

Quote: "That the French resent the global supremacy of the English language is nothing new, but as Hugh Schofield finds out, a newly evolved business-speak version is taking over...."

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  Forum Editor 18:29 25 Jan 2009

When I go to France (mainly to Paris and Lille) I notice that business meetings are almost always conducted in a mixture of French and English. If necessary they can run the whole meeting in English.

If French business people come here for meetings they'll be lucky to find anyone who can even greet them in their own language, let alone conduct a meeting in it.

  laurie53 19:46 25 Jan 2009

Brought up on all the stories about how rude the French were, and how they go out of their way to be awkward with with English speaker.

First time I was lost in Paris, not particularly known for its friendship to tourists, I simply said, "Monsieur, s'il vous plais?" (about all the French I can speak) and was immediately surrounded by absolutely charming people all trying to help, in a mixture of French and English.

I'm sure there are others with opposite stories but I was pleasantly surprised.

The experience has since been repeated in other parts of France.

  Chegs ®™ 16:14 27 Jan 2009

I dont speak any other language but english,and often feel slightly uncomfortable that so many of my friends in other countries speak english.I tried an online language translater and it wasnt very good(judging by the mirth it produced from the other person)I also recall a holiday abroad some years ago when I was befriended by a young dutch girl(12yrs)who could speak about nine other languages.

As to french,I was watching QI recently where it was mentioned that the french often use an english word as their own language doesnt contain a suitable equivalent.

  dagnammit 16:50 27 Jan 2009

Wasn't it GW Bush who said "That the trouble with the French is they have no word for Entrepreneur" ?

Anyway I did GCSE French and achieved a shameful grade D. I just couldn't take to the teacher. I can remember a lot of tourist type phrases and responses but that's about it. Oh I can count too.

  dagnammit 16:54 27 Jan 2009

Missed a bit.

My daughter's school does a Foreign theme once a year. She can greet and say goodbye in Italian, Spanish and French. She's only in year 3 (she's 6.5 years old) at Primary School but this has been taught to her since year 1.

  IClaudio 19:29 27 Jan 2009

Yes, it was - he has a better sense of "humor" than most people give him credit for :0

  dagnammit 22:59 27 Jan 2009

I laughed at what he said, when asked for a comment, when he got a shoe thrown at him...

"All I can say was it's a size 9"

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