New EU Proposals

  laurie53 09:58 11 Jul 2008

"Other amendments added to the packet of laws allow governments to decide which software can be used on the web."

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That's all we need.

  Cymro. 10:33 11 Jul 2008

Piracy is a big problem so if the UK government can`t or will not sort it out then the EU will and a good thing to.

  Cymro. 10:35 11 Jul 2008

When you say "That's all we need". are we to assume that you are in favour of piracy then?

  spuds 11:58 11 Jul 2008

Piracy comes in all shapes and forms, perhaps that is why some companies make excessive profits, especially when they only want to lease their software to the honest fare paying public.

I wonder if the intervention of the EU will suppress activities in the Far East regions!.

  laurie53 19:39 11 Jul 2008

Not against the anti-piracy, but the amendment allowing the government to decide which software can be used "on the web".

Now that could mean the software running this forum.

  Forum Editor 23:27 11 Jul 2008

earlier in the week as well.

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  DieSse 00:00 12 Jul 2008

Look on the bright side - they might bar Internet Explorer.


  last starfighter 00:00 12 Jul 2008

We'll all be like robots in 20 yrs "Yes Sir No Sir"

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  tasslehoff burrfoot 10:08 12 Jul 2008

"When you say "That's all we need". are we to assume that you are in favour of piracy then?"

Why would anyone make that assumption?

Which software could they be talking about that can only be used for piracy?

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