New England Manager

  birdface 02:17 15 Dec 2007

Capello named as new England here ,Putting it mildly,Who picks the England team Manager.Maybe time for a shake up,As they do not seem to be doing so well recently.We now have an English manager that cannot even speak English properly how are the players supposed to understand him.I am sorry but surely in this day and age we have good enough managers in the Uk that would be better suited for the job.The FA have a diabolical record in picking Managers.Why not have a vote from International players on who they would like to be Manager,I am sure they would be more qualified than most at the FA.Although I am from north of the border I have stayed here for more than 40 years and would like England to do well,But undermining the abbility of Uk managers to be able to run the England team must a blow to most supporters.One other thought is that there are so many Foreign players here,We do not have a great selection of classic players to pick from.Although things are getting better if one team member[Rooney Maybe]gets injured we do not have a lot of suitable players that can take their place.Therefore although England can be good it may be a while before they are great again.I think they may only be able to do this as a team and probably with a English Manager who has the heart to drive them on.English team English Manager. And I am fed up with the press and news programs that after one bad game they ask if the manager is going to resign.With supporters like that on your back ,what chance do we have.I will point out that those are my views and may not be yours.I am sure we would like to hear your views on this subject.Any views welcome.I add this as a reminder that most schools in the Uk had to sell there playing fields Etc to help pay for the upkeep of their schools which meant that football and sport was affected so fewer young players were trained as a result a drop in homebased players making it to the top of their profession.Now it does not matter how good the manager is unless he has a full squad of players to pick from they will not reach the top,Things are picking up but it might take a few years[I think about 4 to 10 years] before we are at the top again.I have nothing but praise for the England supporters who pay large amounts to watch their team performing all over the world ,They deserve the best.I hope they get it.

  georgemac © 06:37 15 Dec 2007

There is no doubt Capello is a top class manager, communicating with players should be no problem, he has managed many big clubs with players who speak all languages, and his English seemed not too bad to me when he was on TV. The FA should also have ensured in the contract for him and his staff that they would provide coaching lessons to enable them to learn English.

English managers, the problem is that there are no English managers in charge of top teams anywhere in the world. Harry Rednap has done very well wherever he has been and would have been #1 candidate for me, but the FA could be criticised for not having a manager who has won any trophies.

The salary level is incredible.

Your point about playing fields is spot in, we need to invest more in trying to get all youngsters to participate in sport - not just football - for health reasons but we need to provide more indoor facilities for the winter, and coaching - we do not invest enough in the UK on these areas - needs to be available outside school.

The amount of foreign players in the premiership makes it a fantastic and entertaining league, and brings European success for clubs, but limits the opportunities for English young players. Leading clubs need to loan out more players to championship sides to aid their development, and if Sepp Blatter can get his proposals through this would help.

Scotland are now improving because clubs ahve been force through financial constraints to develop young Scottish players and play them in their first team, even Rangers and Celtic have now invested in proper training and coaching facilities and youth programmes, but other clubs have brought on most of the young players and many of them have been sold to the big 2.

Scotland also seem to produce decent coaches/managers, and have a very good scheme at the SFA for coaching coaches.

I certainly think England have been underperforming, Capello will turn this around.

If the press stories are correct about some players partying in the hotel the night before the Croatia game, these players need to be severely disciplined by the FA, this does not say much for their attitude and dedication to playing for their country.

  newman35 06:49 15 Dec 2007

Seems to me the world gets madder - four year contract at £6 million+ a year!!
The press will, no doubt, hound him out after a year or so, he will leave with a massive pay-off and off we'll go again.
Ludicrous, just to get someone to try and tell some overpaid prima donnas how to organise theselves on a football pitch!

  birdface 08:24 15 Dec 2007

Like you say Harry Rednap has done a great job wherever he has been and I suppose has been passed over because of the recent bad publicity that he has received,I suppose Guilty until proven innocent is the way the FA look at it.My idea of a good manager would be Steve Coppell he also does well wherever he goes and at the moment doing a brilliant job at reading.He is not one of the big club managers[no offense to Reading] but would be an asset to any club.As an old United player there may be a job for him at Manchester if Sir Alec ever does retire.Anybody have someone else that they think would have been a good candidate for the England managers job. And to Newman35 you are right he will be hounded by the press especially if they have a bad game or two. I would be surprised if his salary is as low as 6 million a year I think it will be much higher.Some of the top players are earning wages like that so why not the Manager.

  Quickbeam 08:48 15 Dec 2007

"I certainly think England have been underperforming, Capello will turn this around."

All week I've been reading of his contempt for prima donnas and his willing to make big names earn a place, and have them sit on the subs bench to stew at where they could be... this is something that might make them find their desire to play for England again with the will and belief to win.

  birdface 09:37 15 Dec 2007

His contempt for Prima Donnas.I am afraid he could not afford to have them sit on the subs bench as they do not have a great choice of players to take there place.Mind you the old saying ,A bad player who turns up every week is better than a good player who doesn't,I dont think clubs do enough nowadays to train the youngsters they just get their checkbook out and buy more foreign players so very few youngsters make it to the top.I have nothing against foreign players I think that they brought fantastic football skills to the Uk,So what has happened 40 years ago all the foreign clubs were after uk players now it is reversed.Maybe if we limited the amount of foreign players that each club could use our own youngsters would have a better chance of making it to the top.And one last thought,What has happened to English goalkeepers we used to have had some of the best goalkeepers in the world and now we are really struggling to find one.Although we have some good goalkeepers,We don't seem to have any world class ones.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:49 15 Dec 2007

The manager of the United Kingdom which has 57 million players earns £163k/annum. This just shows how mad football has become and all those buffoons that put money into it.
On another just shows how good we are here, the manager of our national team is foreign. Pass the sick bag Ethel.


  Bingalau 10:34 15 Dec 2007

I'm glad they overlooked our manager David Moyes, at Everton, he's on a par with the best in the World. Trouble is he's a Johnny foreigner too. (Scottish). Then there's Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, he would have done as good a job as anybody of shaking up the players. But of course he knows what the press is like and wouldn't have had the job for a big clock. Mind you the players would have had a job understanding his version of English too. (tic)

  georgemac © 10:35 15 Dec 2007

I can't believe it - for once I agree with you

although I subscribe to sky and try and get down to Old Trafford once a year so I must be a buffoon!

  Cymro. 12:22 15 Dec 2007

As someone has said "the salary is incredible"
I am not a football fan, and so I dare say there is probably more to being a manager than I realize but just how many hours would a manager have to work every year? I don`t think he will work enough hours to justify such a wage or will he? Perhaps it is a case of quality not quantity.

  CatTrading 13:41 15 Dec 2007

Look what happened with Sven!
He was paid £££ got sacked & still the FA paid him until he got the Man City job.
Have the FA not learnt anything!

Lets hope this is not another waste of money.
Does show something about the FA that they dont think any English Coach is good enough.

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