new ee pc

  rossgolf 10:45 27 Mar 2008

just had a look at it and it all looks very nice....but....thye say they can only put in a 12gb ssd, but the apple ipod has 80gb....cant they just use the same kind of thinking and use something similar?

  interzone55 11:54 27 Mar 2008

The eeepc has a compact flash sized drive - only 1" across, the Apple MacBook Air has either a 1.8" iPod drive, or a 1.8" solid state (flash) drive. hence the difference in capacity.

Seeing as a larger capacity drive will add a significant amount to the size & price of the eeePc I think this is a good compromise, besides, the Linux OS included doesn't take up a massive amount of room, and you can always store your documents etc on an external drive, you don't need to carry everything around with you all the time...

  rossgolf 11:56 27 Mar 2008

good point.
i think as drives get smaller and cheaper they might go for a larger capacity.
anyone got one? what are they like?

  shellship 12:26 27 Mar 2008

I gave my wife the 701 for Christmas and it is absolutely great - boots up very fast (miles quicker than XP). Sad thing is that a new one with slightly bigger screen and flash drive comes out the summer!

  DieSse 18:32 27 Mar 2008

My son just got one for his daughter. They both think it's great, Just switched it on - it found the wireless connection right away, and they were on the web and picking up emails within minutes.

We're both just pre-ordering Elonex One+ - that should be interesting, when they do arrive.

  Forum Editor 18:41 27 Mar 2008

and I must say I like it very much - so much, in fact, that I'm going to order the newer version.

I've installed Windows XP on mine, and OpenOffice, plus Thunderbird for email and it hums along like a dream. I installed an 8Gb SD card, and use a flash drive of the same size - OpenOffice is installed on the SD card. That's the 701's big failing - hard drive too small, and RAM can't be upgraded.

Otherwise it's a great concept, at the right price and I can't wait to get my hands on the new one - they deserve to sell like hot-cakes.

  Forum Editor 18:43 27 Mar 2008

I don't think the Elonex will begin to compete with the Asus, but then it will sell at a much lower price point, so there will probably be a niche for it.

  DieSse 22:54 27 Mar 2008


Personally I think moving the eeePC upmarket, and fitting XP, is moving it into another market - basically a regular laptop, with a small form factor, at a laptop price point. Fine if that's what you want.

What I want to do is push an ultra low cost, small form factor unit to carry out the jobs the eeePC was originally meant for. Inherently this has to use Linux for cost reasons. I suspect it's going to be a great device, for little more than pocket money.

How the Asus PC running XP will fare after the withdrawal of XP from the OEM market will depend on how MS try and square that particular circle! Should be interesting to watch the verbal gymnastics.

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