New Debit Card

  morddwyd 08:13 21 Nov 2009

Just had a letter from my bank advising that Maestro will no longer be handling their debit cards, the contract has been moved to Visa. The new card will be clearly marked "DEBIT" to distinguish it from a credit card.

What's the betting that within five years or so they will say that "to avoid confusion and as a service to customers, your debit card can now also be used as a credit card", with some mechanism in place to differentiate between the two transactions?

Even easier to get into debt and pay the banks some interest (not me, I hasten to add; I have a credit card for the convenience of international on line transactions only).

  Awshum 08:43 21 Nov 2009

I think you are over-reacting because of the name. Visa have been running their debit (previously known as Visa Delta) cards longer than Maestro, previously switch, have in the UK.

I'd like my Maestro changed to Visa Debit as currently a lot of hotels and such in the South of Ireland won't take a UK Maestro.

PS. Maestro is owned by Mastercard, which also offer credit cards.

You are not going to get offered a credit card unless you apply for one.

  Forum Editor 09:53 21 Nov 2009

VISA will not enable your card as a credit card without your prior written agreement - you have to enter into a contract in order to have a credit card.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:05 21 Nov 2009

I myself cannot wait for Maestro to go Visa. It offers far more security, it means I use my card everywhere (who rejects Visa?) and I really don't know why any bank is still using Maestro!

P.S - Visa debit has been around for ages now, you have to be a pea-brain to get them mixed up.

  Picklefactory 11:39 21 Nov 2009

I've had Visa Debit for years and years, since it was Delta and as yet, my bank or Visa have not tried to turn it into a credit card. I think you can relax on that worry.

  namtas 11:42 21 Nov 2009

In actual fact the Visa debit card is much better card, it carries a similar protection to credit cards.

  jakimo 12:08 21 Nov 2009

Microsoft UK will only except Maestro debit cards,but have no such restrictions with credit cards

  spuds 13:51 21 Nov 2009

Over the next few months, you may well find that your bank, building society or other card provider may change their methods of provision and service of the cards they supply.

I have recently received information from my bank and Barclaycard about changes. You might find a little more from click here who are offering advice, copies and downloads. If you want to speak to someone on these changes etc, then the Moneymadeclear helpline is 0300 500 5000 (call rates might vary) or pop into your local bank or building society and ask them for a copy of the 'new deal' in managing finance and the regulations that are or are about to come into force.

  AL47 14:33 21 Nov 2009

ive had a visa debit/delta for 8 years, never had issues with it, i wouldnt want a maestro card myself

  morddwyd 15:28 21 Nov 2009

"I think you can relax on that worry."

Not particularly worried, just always very suspicious of banks, and always looking for an ulterior motive!

  Input Overload 18:26 21 Nov 2009

On a recent visit to Florida, a Maestro card is useless as most outlets have never heard of it. I don't believe in credit cards unless I purchase large items which gives me added protection but Nat-West putting Visa on my bank debit card will as far as goes with me is a very good idea.

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