New Council Food Bins.

  birdface 08:16 12 Jul 2012

Don't know if anyone else has them.The Bin Lorry came round to empty ours this week and dumped them in along with the normal waste rubbish.

So can't really see why they have another bin when it could all go in the one bin.

Not sure where they are going to dump it next week as it is the garden waste and cardboard and plastic bis that get emptied then.

They are that small that anyone with a largish family would find them useless.

All I can see is a complete waste of money and can not see them lasting long.

I automatically thought [Food waste] maybe collecting it for the pig farms or something like that but to just dump it in the same lorry as the normal trash I cannot see the point.

Secure lids on them may cut down on maggots or rats but they hold very little.

They come with a roll of plastic bags and when they are finished you have to purchase new ones from the council.

A small bin comes with it that you have to use in the Kitchen then empty it in the other bin that you keep outside.

The actual bins are only about 12-14" high and don't hold a lot.Anyone else using them have any comments about them.

  BT 08:37 12 Jul 2012

We've had them for ages. They are collected separately and go to a composting facility. Food waste cannot be fed to pigs any more as it used to be.

The larger bin we have holds 21 litres, and if anyone is throwing away that amount of food every week I think they really need to look at how much food they are wasting. We usually only fill one of the bags each week and that is mostly vegetable peelings and the like.

The bags supplied are made from compostable starch derivatives, and ordinary plastic bags should not be used as they contaminate the compost.

The trial scheme was very successful and cost effective in our area and has now been extended indefinitely.

  Quickbeam 08:52 12 Jul 2012

I use the canine auto food waste recycling system, it's very cheap to run and pays for itself over time. Being the multi function one, it also does 24/7 security alerts and has the built in auto daily exercise feature...

  birdface 11:02 12 Jul 2012


They are collected separately and go to a composting facility.

Ours are just been dumped into the normal waste bin lorries, not unless they are just trying it before buying different Trucks for picking it up.

Will see what happens next week.

fourm member

I was think along those lines myself.Having a rough count on our street I would say about 50% used the new food bin.So I suppose a good start.But seeing them being dumped back into the normal rubbish lorry may put a few off from having them emptied next week.

  KRONOS the First 11:48 12 Jul 2012

Up here in overcast Edinburgh, the council in its infinite wisdom thought what a great idea it would be to encourage recycling and to that end issued to large plastic bins (56cm x 44cm x 35cm) one blue and one red,they are supposed to be emptied on alternate weeks, but that can be a bit hit and miss. This is what is supposed to go in these and other receptacles each week.

As with most ideas that come from our council they are not thought through, (the Trams being another example). A lot of people in Edinburgh stay in what are called tenements or small blocks of flats so storage for these bins is limited. Then of course who wants to bring a bin back into the house that has been lying outside for any number of hours,subject to all sorts of dog attention, not me. How have we in our small block got partially round this? We keep a blue bin which most of the flats deposit there newsprint and one red box which I fill because I have a nutritional supplement which comes in plastic bottles, these are kept in a small area at the foot of the communal stairs. But I have discovered that food trays that come with the supermarket meat and fruit etc. are not considered plastic by the council and if any are discovered then they will be left in the box, this also applies,strangely enough to plastic straws.

Coming to Butemans thread we have now been issued food bins that as there is only one person in the house that eats are pointless and again take up space we do not have. I estimate in my street of around 100 or so dwellings a couple of food bins can be seen on uplift day and maybe one or two extra blue/red again on the relevant uplift day.

  lotvic 13:27 12 Jul 2012

Our system is the small brown bin for food waste with roll of cornstarch bag liners. The cornstarch bag is put into big brown garden compost bin and so is cardboard.

  Condom 17:39 12 Jul 2012

Our Local Authority at great expense introduced a fortnightly bin collection for normal waste with the week in between given over to a new green wheelie for garden refuse and the dreaded cardboard. We were told it was all being paid for by selling the compost produced on to a company who paid for it.

All went well for 12 months and then we were told the company buying the compost didn't want any more cardboard included and so that ended up going back into the normal landfill bin. Rather than trying to find another company willing to take this compost our L A just gave in and now finds itself having to pay £millions more in landfill charges and I'll give you two guesses where they expect that to come from.

They like many LA's are not fit for purpose.

  morddwyd 21:25 12 Jul 2012

Been using a similar system for about three months, using four bins, food/garden, paper/cardboard, plastic/metal/polystyrene and landfill.

Works well for us.

Only use one of the small food bags every two weeks, and it rarely contains much.

At the moment it has two egg shells, two chicken drumstick bones, and some fat trimmed off the edge of the beef.

Gues it depends a bit on the council.

We also get our little food bags provided free.

  Forum Editor 23:34 12 Jul 2012

These food bins have been around in London for several years, but I'm not sure they're a great success - my local authority was the first in the UK to start a compulsory recycling scheme, but it has never used the small food bins.

  Chegs ®™ 06:10 14 Jul 2012

Every time our LA decide to promote a new system of recycling,we get large articles in the local paper telling how the area recycles x% at present & the government want to increase this by x%.We have a range of bags for tins/bottles etc & 2 wheelie bins,one for rubbish & the other for compostable material(garden waste)The garden waste bin I cannot see a need for,if a gardener generates compostable waste,they'll surely want to keep it for their garden.Ours used to get the lawn clippings until I noticed areas of lawn sinking so they're now filled with clippings.It worked on the pond we had in the back garden(when we moved here,the pond was full of lumps of concrete/rocks/bricks & rusted metal)which is now almost level with the surrounding lawn.Out of the whole street,we are the only ones that collect the lawn clippings,the rest of the street either dont bother mowing the lawns or dont use a grassbox on the mower(quite a few only use a strimmer as the garden cannot be mowed)

  caccy 17:31 14 Jul 2012

We have had our system for a number of years now and it works very well. One brown "wheely" bin for ALL green waste,food and cardboard. One box for paper, one box for metal and glass. These three are collected alternate weeks with the Grey "wheely" bin the other week, this has all the other rubbish. Plastic and Tetra pack cartons go into bins that are scattered around the district, but can go into the grey bins. No complaints with this system. Collected efficiently with only three workers,driver and two emptying the bins/boxes.

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