New Carpet smells,shop no help.

  prince midas 11:22 19 Jul 2009

I have just had a new lounge carpet fitted 8 weeks ago.When I close all the room doors the carpet gives off an awful smell.The shop says the manufactureres say it is the glue used in sticking the carpet to the backing.I am getting no further and I am worried in the winter with the room doors shut it will be terrible to use the room which is our lounge.As anyone any suggestions and will the smell go as the manufacturers say and how long will it take.

  johndrew 11:40 19 Jul 2009

New carpet has smell which I think is fairly mild and not unpleasant; it generally disappears fairly quickly.

Your description doesn`t seem to fit with what I recognise as a normal new carpet smell. Perhaps you should get a second opinion - preferably someone who is familiar with what a new carpet should smell like - and if they agree it is `unusual` go back to the store and use the evidence of your second opinion. If this proves negative try your Trading Standards/Citizens Advice for suggestions as to a way forward.

  prince midas 12:06 19 Jul 2009

The carpet as been down now 8 weeks abd we have to leave the doors to the room open as otherwise the smell builds up.What will happen in the winter worries me.On checking on google there are lots of people complaining and it appears to be a problem with the glue backing they use. This is a brand new carpet and the manufactureres do not seem to want to know and they say it should go away in 12 weeks which I think will not happen.

  oldbeefer2 12:21 19 Jul 2009

We had some fitted a few months ago. The smell was very strong initially, but faded to acceptable after about a month.

  Forum Editor 12:33 19 Jul 2009

last long. All new carpets give off a smell, but it's not normally classed as particularly unpleasant, and it doesn't last that long. Three months seems to me to be far too long to have to put up with what you call an "awful" smell. Some industrial adhesives do smell for a while however, and of course shutting up the rooms will prolong the problem - you need lots of airflow across the carpet.

If the smell is unacceptable after eight weeks, and you were given no warning about it when you ordered the carpet you have reasonable grounds for complaint. The problem is, the only alternative is a different carpet,but who's to say you won't get the same problem?

  spuds 17:54 19 Jul 2009

Not sure if something like Glade Shake and Vac might help to neutralise the smell a little. It might also help with any anti-static. You can give Johnson/ Glade a call on HomeCare Line 0800 353 353 for possible advice, before considering this suggestion!.

What I would also do, is contact the local trading standards or consumer advice centre, and see if they have any leaflets or suggestions on this problem. If you do a Google search, I am sure you will find some suggestions, possibly a contact point for carpet industry advice.

When I start to hear about 'strange smells' or 'incidents' with carpets or furnishing, then I begin to think about the recent denials with some leather suites, that where being imported from abroad, and being sold by some major retailers.

Strange as it may sound, but a couple of years ago, one of our neighbours had a strange smell in their utility room, and they suspected their newly fitted carpet. It turned out that one of their electric light bulb holder was producing the smell.

Never use to have this problem with the good old Axminster or Persian ;o))

  oresome 18:31 19 Jul 2009

Fumes do come off a new carpet for quite some time. You probably get used to the smell before the fumes actually stop.

If you've a painted skirting board, it will often change colour over time where it's in contact with a new carpet due to the interaction of the various chemicals.

  laurie53 19:35 19 Jul 2009

If all else fails you might try a formal complaint under the Health & Safety at Work Act (yes, I'm serious).

While Section Two of the Act deals with employees, Section Three places a Duty of Care on any employer (i.e. in this case the manufacturer) to persons not in the company's employ who may be affected by its undertaking, i.e. its business.

Such a smell, if it not actually noxious, is bound to affect your health after a while.

It does work; I've been done under it!

  lofty29 20:05 19 Jul 2009

Why not try a stronger deodorant

  Bingalau 22:22 19 Jul 2009

I've never seen a carpet which has been stuck down with adhesives. Surely they are kicked in to position and rely solely on the fixtures at the sides of the room? I know lino and other floor coverings are stuck down with adhesive but carpets in living rooms???? That's a new one on me.

  prince midas 22:36 19 Jul 2009

The carpet is not stuck down with adhesive to the floor.The adhesive is to stick the carpet backing to the carpet wool and this seems the culprit for the smell. I feel that after 8 weeks it should have gone away. Within a couple of hours of me shutting the room doors it builds up with the smell.I cannot leave the doors open all day now we are approaching the autumn.What do you mean by using a stronger deoderant,give me a name please.

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