New car prices

  carver 07:18 23 Feb 2009

It seems that now is the time to go and buy a new car, discounts are being given to try and boost sales click here

Only one problem with this, how can you afford a new car if your old one is now worth next to nothing.

I normally keep my cars about 3-4 years, but I have been offered such a small amount that I have decided to keep it at least another 2 years, so who is going to buy all these cars.

  crosstrainer 07:27 23 Feb 2009

I think the simple answer is nobody. I have a 2 year old V6 land rover which is used on the farm...No value in re-sale at all.

But superb deals on 1-2 year old cars because the dealers can't sell them.

  Noldi 14:39 23 Feb 2009

I was looking at this Vauxhall ad for my Daughter.
Vauxhall Corsa 2 years £0 Deposit 0% interest but I think I will go for an older car, by the time the 2 years is up it would be better leasing.


  john bunyan 16:37 23 Feb 2009

I believe in Germany you can get between 2500 and 3000 Euros from the government for a 10 year old car if you buy a new one. Not sure if this applies to non German residents (otherwise a stream of UK old bangers would be seen on the ferries!). If there were strict regulations to make this apply to green cars, I wonder if this is an idea we should copy. I also wonder how this squares up to a "Common Market".

  TopCat® 17:07 23 Feb 2009

Speaking of 'old bangers' my Honda Civic 1.4 GL is approaching its eighteenth year from new and its selling price is actually increasing year by year. That's if I sell my registration plate with the car of course, because I've found out that my personal registration is worth much more than the car.

For its age the car itself is great, has a relative low mileage (67k plus) and is well maintained by myself, so as long as it passes its annual MOT then it will stay with me. It suits our particular circumstances, is very reliable and gets us from A to B, so why change it? TC.

  Noldi 17:10 23 Feb 2009

What you do is take your old car to the scrap heap and they give you a voucher as proof the cas is scrapped. You then go and purchase a new car, do your deal and then the voucher is part payment, as you said its 2500 Euro no mater what car you buy.

Works 2 ways gets a lot of old cars off the street and helps the car industry but then they have a bigger car industry than UK.


  carver 20:39 23 Feb 2009

After reading this I don't think I'd be to bothered about a Corsa

Quality faults emerging: steering, 1.4 automatic transmission leaks, generally slap-dash assembly from Zaragoza factory. This could be responsible for a heater blower switch problem that puts the fan on max whatever thr driver tries to select.

Seems to be a problem with driver's seat height adjusters.

Rivits holding handbrake base to the floor break away. Known fault. Requires new handbrake base to be bolted in place with strengthening plate. Recalls
07/02/2007: R/2007/024: VAUXHALL CORSA D steering control may be lost. Steering arm to be replaced. Shortage of components delayed first 6 months sales of car. March 2008: Same TSB on 1.3CDTIs as for FIAT 500 Multijets. A number of these Indian built engines were fitted with the wrong cylinder head gaskets.

Mind you I have a Toyota Avensis thats had a complete engine rebuild at 28000 miles, 2 new headlights, on third set of front discs at 36000 miles and now need new rear discs at 37000.

  The Brigadier 16:16 24 Feb 2009

Local Land Rover dealer is offering anything up to 20%+ off new & used vehicles.
Dealers are getting the jitters.
So a good time to buy if you have the cash!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:14 24 Feb 2009

You can get 35%+ off Range Rover Sports.


  AL47 22:02 24 Feb 2009

yeah rangerover, pfft, never wanted one of those

dream car, lotus exige SC

my current car, toyota celica vvtli 6 speed transmisson is my first step to it

[im only 23 tho]

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:18 24 Feb 2009

I've had my Peugeot 205 1.1GL 1990 for a year now! I paid £270 for it and I've done about 6000 Miles. If it were to die on me tomorrow, It wouldn't owe me anything! The car is a couple of months older than me and it's still running lovely. It's way nippier than a new Renault Clio or a Corsa or a Fiat Punto (all I have to compare to really).

I've thought about buying a new low range Renault Clio; but I'm thinking I have an easy to maintain car that is all paid for which gets me 40MPG+ (if my foot doesn't feel too heavy that day!).

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