New camouflage uniform for our soldiers

  TopCat® 21:43 20 Dec 2009

Nearly forty years since a last change occured. click here

If it was up to me then I'd make them all invisible by getting them out of there and back home! TC.

  DieSse 22:00 20 Dec 2009

They licensed the design from a US company, and they're being made in China. click here

Jeez - what's the UK coming to that they can't even design and make a soldiers uniform - pathetic - pathetic, pathetic.

  peter99co 22:19 20 Dec 2009

It would cost to much to make them in G.B.

  Forum Editor 23:05 20 Dec 2009

not who developed the camouflage (an American company), or who makes it (an Irish company, with a manufacturing facility in China), but whether it works.

Apparently it works very well, and that's what matters. I'm quite sure a soldier in Helmand couldn't care less where his/her uniform was designed or made, as long as it makes the enemy's job that bit more difficult.

  Condom 01:43 21 Dec 2009

sorry I just can't see it lol

  Condom 01:46 21 Dec 2009

Seriously though, the last one I wore was off white and I didn't care where it was made as long as it kept me hidden and free from the cold and biting winds.

  morddwyd 06:01 21 Dec 2009

Unless, of course, you're operating with vehicles or aircraft, when you have to wear a HiVis vest for, you've guessed it, Health & Safety.

  michaelw 09:00 21 Dec 2009

I hope it protects our soldiers from friendly fire as well.

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