New BBC Weather Graphics

  Dan the Doctus 20:21 17 May 2005

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I still prefer the old fashioned symbols, much quicker and simpler to understand. These new graphics I find too busy, and why make the UK so brown and blotchy? Green and blotchy would have been much better. The way the country is made to look disproportionately large on a global scale I find a bit comical too.

At least Carol Kirkwood's the same, though ;)

  octal 20:35 17 May 2005

"I find a bit comical too" rather like XP :-)

Seriously though, we'll get used to it, I suppose its better than all the magnetic symbols falling off, do you remember that?

  Dan the Doctus 20:47 17 May 2005

Certainly do! (Only just, mind.) The '50 Years of BBC Weather' is well worth a look also :)

  Pooke100 20:51 17 May 2005

nothing special, unlike the 2 headed turtle.

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  igk 21:05 17 May 2005

Perhaps they think that the fancy graphics will make the weather predictions more reliable!!

  Rigga 21:44 17 May 2005

For all those that like the new BBC graphics and would like to try it on their home PC...

The NASA World Wind project.
> click here <

It uses satellite images, and radar height maps, to produce a 3D image of anywhere in the world.

BEWARE: this is a huge 185mb download, and that does not include any closeup images, they are downloaded from NASA servers when you zoom in n the map, So I would only recommend this download to Broadband users!!!

It is quite impressive though, and it will be interesting to see something like this in around ten-twenty years time, when they have detailed satellite images of the whole globe.


  sidecar sid 23:01 17 May 2005

Seems to have upset the SNP

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  Kate B 00:09 18 May 2005

ha, ha, I know Carole Kirkwood - I'll tell her you said that, Dan the Doctus!

  LastChip 00:28 18 May 2005

If the Beeb were to never modernise their presentation, everyone would moan.

Now they have done it, their still wrong!

I do agree about the brown though. Remind's you of deserts, hardly the UK!

  wiz-king 06:42 18 May 2005

That's ready for this years summer, we have a hosepipe ban allready!

  georgemac © 07:03 18 May 2005

"The graphic shows the UK from a southerly perspective" - well all of us North of the Watford gap are used to everything being done to suit the South anyway. Still, if I need an accurate forecast for my area I use the excellent metoffice site click here or waych my local ITV channel forecast (Grampian).

Have not watched the new BBC graphics yet, but Carole Kirkwood is one of the best weather presenters.

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