New BBc iplayer

  howard64 17:34 08 Sep 2010

has anyone else seen what they have done to the iplayer? The list of radio stations no longer exists and it now takes ages to find the progs I normally listen to each week. Why when they so called new and improve something cant they leasve a link to how it was for those that are happy with it?

  Woolwell 17:42 08 Sep 2010

I cannot see the problem. There are 2 tabs at the top next to iPlayer - TV, radio. Clicking on Radio gives a list of programmes.

  realist 19:18 08 Sep 2010

Most of the TV offerings are not worth the trouble of clicking on them, the radio comedy however is a real treasure trove from Hancock to Clare in the Community.
The new layout is, it seems, designed to make navigation just that little bit more difficult.

  Forum Editor 19:26 08 Sep 2010

Exactly, and that's not always the case. The element of serendipity was precisely what I wanted from a service like this.

Now I sit here staring rather morosely at the home page, wondering if I can summon up the mental energy to go looking.

'All that glisters is not gold' isn't a bad adage to remember when it comes to designing web sites.

  nangadef 19:42 08 Sep 2010

I completely agree with both fourm member and FE.

I think it's a case of change for change sake.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:03 08 Sep 2010

Seems easy enough to find what I want to watch. I do use it differently to the FE and fourm member though as I usually go to the iPlayer with a particular programme in mind that I want to watch.

  Al94 20:19 08 Sep 2010

There was nothing wrong with how it was, obviously somebody is keeping themselves in a job!

  howard64 08:12 09 Sep 2010

Woolwell - take a local radio station e.g. Lancashire, I like the country music prog with Joe Fish. With the old system I could click on the list of local BBC radio stations then Joe Fish Country. Now I click on the list of radio stations - local - and Lancashire does not appear. As I try to type in the search box it tries to be clever and interpret what I am putting in but wipes out my typing.

  Woolwell 10:30 09 Sep 2010

Reading these posts I realise that people use iPlayer differently. I usually look for a specific program that I have missed like Mr Mistoffelees.

I found Joe Fish Country by using the search box (using Firefox).
You can edit the list of stations. If you click on local radio stations or edit stations a pane opnes in which you can insert your post code, click find local station and Lancashire should turn up. Clicking on it should add it to the list and then click on save. Delete those you don't want. However I haven't found a way to alter the order.

  Covergirl 12:23 09 Sep 2010

. . . they'll stop as they are.

...and rapidly look dated, miss any advantages of new technology, go stale etc.

I usually click the Channels or Categories then move back through the daily listings and select TV only. I can still do that so not too worried.

  howard64 12:28 09 Sep 2010

Woolwell - great but I do not live in the Lancashire area so my post code would not do much for my search. Yes I can search for each prog but this is a much slower process than the old method with the local stations all listed.

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