New abandoned cars phenonmem

  jack 20:09 28 May 2008

It was commented upon recently how the problem of abandoned cars that used to litter our streets seemed to have have been resolved.
Now we have the fuels price problem and 'Joe Public' long urged to abandon that Chelsea Tractor - jumbo 'Beemer' may be at last taking the hint.
But who will buy his big 'un?
A lady friend recent recently was bemoaning her thirsty car and considering trading in for a smaller one
Until it was pointed out it would take a long time to 'pay off' the price difference with saved fuel biils.
And would the dealer take them?
Are we about to see another plague of abandoned cars 'Stolen and burned' in the streets?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:15 28 May 2008

Some friends of mine had their Nissan Micra explode last week and they phoned up a few places to remove it from their drive. They all offered £40 and the chap that collected it said that all the scrap cars go straight to China.


  Brumas 20:30 28 May 2008

I thought China made all their own s/crap cars at F.A.W. Group Corporation ;o)

  interzone55 20:47 28 May 2008

Many years ago my dad had a Lada, one day a big guy came to the door & offered him £500 for it.

Seeing as it was worth a shade over 20 quid my dad took the money, and handed over the keys.

About 20 minutes later a car transporter came to the house & removed the car.

Some weeks later I was watching an episode of Panarama and there was a piece about how some Russian guys had bought up a load of Ladas, loaded them on cargo ship took them to Russia for use as spares. Then there was a video showing the ship, the Russians were stripping the cars down on the ship & chucking the crap overboard. I'm almost certain I saw my dad's bumper sail over the edge into the North Sea...

  lofty29 20:51 28 May 2008

Ouch!!!! just remeber that they used to say the same about japanese cars, by the way how much of your electronic and pc kit comes from china

  Brumas 20:53 28 May 2008

Point taken :o(

  spuds 10:44 29 May 2008

At once upon a time, it use to cost the vehicle owner or the council to dispose of a vehicle. Around my neck of the woods, the car breakers will give £100 for collection, and £120 if you deliver.

Even the young kids have got on the act, by asking people if they want to get rid of their old cars or MOT failures, and offering £50 for them. They then make a call to the breakers, and pocket the difference. Now thats enterprise for you :O)

  Forum Editor 11:38 29 May 2008

it scoops up the contents of American scrap-yards, too. If you think we have big scrap metal yards you should see the scale of some of those in america.

Chinese manufacturing companies are steel-hungry, and they'll turn old cars into all kinds of new products.

  Stuartli 12:25 29 May 2008

China also, it seems, takes a lot of our landfill rubbish.

At least it's better turning it into something useful than clogging up our landfill sites.

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