Never Volunteer

  laurie53 20:30 19 Jan 2008

The MoD are going to pay compensation to those servicemen exposed to nerve gas at Porton Down.

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When I was a young serviceman in the mid/late fifties I too volunteered for these experiments into "cures for the common cold"

I also volunteered for the nuclear weapon tests in Christmas Island, and for parachute training to be part of an RAF maintenance commando.

Praise be to God, every request was turned down!

  STREETWORK 20:40 19 Jan 2008

I nearly went to Porton Down, but decided not to after my mate came back with some strange scabs. Why did servicemen do this? It was for the extra money because the paltry pay we were on did not stretch beyond a pint, 10 woodbines and some boot polish...

  Bingalau 20:45 19 Jan 2008

Yes I remember the notice boards asking for volunteers for these experiments and it was supposed to be research in to the "Common Cold". I remember my mate saying he would sooner be shot in the posterior than suffer a Common Cold. I agreed and we stayed strictly clear. Boy am I glad. Mind you we are all aches and pains from other daft things we volunteered for.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:46 19 Jan 2008

and always stick on 17.


  lisa02 21:22 19 Jan 2008

I read this is in the paper...

It's a pitiful sum compared to what the NHS paid out to a certain actress.

  Forum Editor 21:29 19 Jan 2008

'Never Volunteer'
and always stick on 17.

Hear,hear to that.

  rdave13 21:30 19 Jan 2008

Well my son has, like many thousands of others, just volunteered for the Army. I've stopped him joining until he reached official adulthood and he's just about reached that age. The ball is rolling and if all goes well he'll be in within 6 weeks.
I don't know how I feel about it, proud, scared for him or what? He's been determined to join and I respect him for it. His mother isn't saying much and we'll help him all we can.
So without 'volunteers' where would we be?
WhiteTruckMan, not a gambler then? ;)

  WhiteTruckMan 22:22 19 Jan 2008

Respect for your son, and I seriously hope everything works out ok. Please, please don't take this the wrong way, but prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But whatever misgivings you have, dont show them. Just support him 100%, and dont let him self doubt.

As for gambling, well neither were some of the people I've played cards with either....


  DieSse 22:24 19 Jan 2008

"So without 'volunteers' where would we be?"

Worse off in so many respects.

  rdave13 23:33 19 Jan 2008

WhiteTruckMan and DieSse thanks. Feel a bit in limbo but always show support. As I said previously there are many volunteers, past and present and life goes on.
Expect him to be a General at 30 as he always gambles on 17..

  WhiteTruckMan 23:42 19 Jan 2008

"Expect him to be a General at 30 as he always gambles on 17.."

Perhaps. Just dont expect him to be a wealthy one..


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