Never in a million years would i eat this!

  Uboat 08:14 26 Feb 2011

a London restaurant is now offering money for breast milk – to make ice-cream.

Yuck.. i mean another womans baby milk just isnt my dont know who they are if they take drugs so on and so on...whats your thoughts...

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  spuds 10:40 26 Feb 2011

If you are starving or adventurous, you would eat and drink virtually anything.

But I would suspect, this is more for the connoisseur of good things, with an expensive price tag to boot. Not for McDonalds or KFC's, possibly more for the upmarket establishments I would think?.

  Colin 11:01 26 Feb 2011

Anything goes, I suppose. I first saw something similar in the film Shoot 'Em Up where Monica Bellucci was selling her breast milk. That was fictional but I’m sure there is truth in it. At least this restaurant is not hiding anything but it doesn't sit right with me. Anyway each to their own!

  Bapou 11:36 26 Feb 2011

Reminds me of 'an Audience With Ken Dodd' when talking about his childhood, "I was bottle fed, Mam said she loved me but only as a friend!"

  jakimo 11:39 26 Feb 2011

Its claimed that immunological properties of breast milk are a benefit to humans of any age,although not for me.
But if you really would like to try,adding a dram of whisky should help it to go down.

  Quickbeam 11:50 26 Feb 2011

Am I overreacting in thinking that it's a step towards cannibalism? That's how it strikes me.

  hssutton 11:57 26 Feb 2011

It's not where it comes from, or for that matter what it looks like. It's what it tastes like that counts, but as already mentioned at £14 a portion I doubt I will try it.

I know when our kids where babies and it was my turn to get up in the night to make the "bottle" I always made extra. I doubt there's a major difference.

  Chegs ®™ 16:42 26 Feb 2011

I wouldn't try it as the price is way too steep for me,but as cows milk can contain puss and I presume you all drink it if breast milk were cheaper then can I also presume you'd try it?

  Kevscar1 16:47 26 Feb 2011

maybe if it was on draught but not bottled.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:48 26 Feb 2011

but would this benefit anyone who was lactose intolerant, or is it in all forms of milk?


  wolfie3000 20:35 26 Feb 2011

Reminds me of Richard Herrings joke about having a human farm with only lactating women in the cow sheds, I wont mention how he planned to get the sausages.

I would love to try human breast milk ice cream but not at £14 a go.

Its a cool idea but I cant see it catching on, its not as though they can get gallons of the milk to mass produce the stuff.

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