Never Knowingly Under-prepared

  interzone55 09:37 23 Dec 2009

There's many good comments on these forums (fora?) about the high quality of customer service delivered by John Lewis.

Well their High Wycombe branch went above & beyond the call of duty the other day when 50-odd customers were stranded in the snow - they let them sleep in the bed department.

I'm sure the beds & food on offer were much better than those provided at the Holiday Inn Express up the road...

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  birdface 12:57 23 Dec 2009

High praise indeed.
Definitely a store with the right Christmas Spirit with good Management and Staff.
Just something you would exspect to see in a Film but not in your local Department Store.
Well done John Lewis.

  Pineman100 19:19 24 Dec 2009

I've always had a good experience, shopping in John Lewis, until a few months ago when I wanted to buy a computer.

I went to my local John Lewis and browsed their stock. I learned the essentials of the computer that interested me from its display card, but I had a few other questions about it.

After waiting around to talk to a sales "advisor" I finally got a young guy in a very smart suit. His only answer to my various "does it have...?" "will it do...?" questions was:

"I should think so."

I eventually persuaded him that guesswork wasn't a satisfactory response to my questions, so he went away to find someone else who could give me unequivocal answers.

Ten minutes later I was still waiting - so I left.

  crosstrainer 08:44 25 Dec 2009

May have done wonders for the sales of their beds :))

  dukeboxhero 19:49 26 Dec 2009

Well done john Lewis, And one of a very few that stay closed for boxing day

  wee eddie 10:46 29 Dec 2009

(it happened to be a She) will get a big bonus.

You could not but "positive" Publicity like that at any price.

Name Checks (for John Lewis) on every National (and many Local) News shows, on the hour, every hour for 2 days.

  wee eddie 10:47 29 Dec 2009

"You could not but "positive" Publicity like that at any price."

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