Never in the field of broadband service

  johndrew 15:08 09 Aug 2010

.. have I ever had such a palaver in upgrading.

History. I have been on the Wanadoo/Orange ADSL service since buying this PC some five years ago. I upgraded once from the lowest, 1Mbps, service at £17.99pcm to the improved 2.2Mbps service at £14.99pcm.

I recently found on the Members Centre page that for £12.00pcm I could have 8Mbps, a router and unlimited downloads. Far better value and no change of supplier - so far so good.

It seemed a good idea to ensure that they would upgrade me so I used the online contact to e-mail for confirmation. The response was that the page was wrong and I couldn`t opt for that package as I was not in their LLU(?) area. I spoke to them on the 'phone pointing out that what I was currently getting for my money was a poor service by comparison and suggested that as they couldn`t upgrade me they may like to reduce the price I was paying - definitely not, not policy etc. etc.

I then asked for their head office address as I felt they were operating double standards for their customers that were far from fair and not providing accurate data. An e-mail with the contact address, various excuses and kind regards was duly received.

Within an hour of the final (or I believed was the final) e-mail with their postal address, another arrived. We are in error it said, you can have the upgrade. There followed all sorts of excuses again and a suggestion that I should like to 'phone their premium line to set it up.

I am aware that if you pay peanuts ... but surely even robots on telephones should have the right information on screens in front of them. Or am I asking for too much in the way of Customer Service. Hopefully they will understand why their ratings are always well down the list when the next PCA poll results are published.

End of rant.

  Ulysse 15:22 09 Aug 2010
  Chris the Ancient 15:27 09 Aug 2010

To understand what LLU is on about click here

FE - please forgive reference to another forum, but it was the best description that I could find that worked at my limited level.

  Chris the Ancient 15:29 09 Aug 2010

You did that while I was checking then posting!

  Ulysse 16:25 09 Aug 2010

Definately ;-)

Strangely enough I had just been asked the question by someone else and had emailed them the link!

  johndrew 16:26 09 Aug 2010

I now have a better understanding off LLU - thanks for that - but not of the apparent (demonstrable?) ignorance of Orange.

I`m still simmering gently!!!

  Ulysse 16:26 09 Aug 2010

Sorry - definately should read definitely.

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