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  ulrich 21:17 01 Sep 2007

I said I wouldn't come on this site again, one can be insulted by some people but do not suggest that Vista is not brilliant or else.
I wondered as an ex soldier what the reaction would be to the 3 accidentaly killed soldiers being brought back to their country of birth yesterday and the 10th anniversary of a rich young lady who died in a car crash while enjoying herself.

Maybe I missed it but I did not see the plane land in Brize Norton and the 3 coffins carried off the plane. Perhaps someone could tell me which was more important.

  VoG II 21:34 01 Sep 2007

Neither. They were equally important to those involved. In the case of Diana, 'those involved' included the entire audience of QVC as representative of the hysterical end of British Society. The soldiers will be accorded a far more fitting return home.

  ulrich 21:37 01 Sep 2007

The soldiers were meant to be returned yesterday, I do not knw if they were.

  xclr8r 21:40 01 Sep 2007

It's a can of worms ulrich that you will probably not get the answer you want to hear. Nobody knows the real reason she died, or the circumstances behind it. I watched a bit of footage of the service on the tv news and, personally cannot understand people crying about somebody they only knew from the tv or a newspaper. The same could be said about your feelings about the latest three of our forces, we have lost fighting for a cause that a lot of this country don't believe in.
On the same token, the government will rather see footage of a service for "the peoples princess", than show the millions watching three more body bags returning.

  Si_L 21:41 01 Sep 2007

The thing is Ulrich, I was 8 when Diana died, but even I realise that she meant so much to so many people and was an inspiration to many, and her death was so unexpected.

  holme 21:43 01 Sep 2007

It's a sad fact that the soldiers' return wasn't deemed to be newsworthy, for the simple reason that it's happened so many times before.

Plus of course it's a sad fact that, had the UK ground forces been provided with a compatible and effective air-ground identification system, this 'accident' may very well not have happened.

The technology has existed for years; the political will to spend money on providing it is still (IMHO disgracefully) lacking, leaving our servicemen terribly vulnerable in this and other areas.

  ulrich 21:58 01 Sep 2007

But Princess Diana did no more for people than my partner who cared for old people and died of a brain haemorrage but who remembers her? Her son and I. Princess Dianna did not have to forsake anything for what she did. I am sick of hearing about the rich girl who gave up nothing. She died in a car accident and that is that, but we have to keep on hearing and paying for it. Like the Bishop said let her rest in peace.

I expect the money that has been spent on Diana could hve been spent on the Army. I always respected the Royals but I won't if the two Princes stop in the Army. As they won't be seving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  holme 22:21 01 Sep 2007

"I am sorry But..."

No need to apologise before expressing a personal opinion. :-)

" I always respected the Royals but I won't if the two Princes stop in the Army. As they won't be seving in Iraq or Afghanistan."

I don't believe that was their wish; quite the opposite. If memory serves, it was the MoD who announced the decision, but I don't doubt for one moment that the decision was made elsewhere.

  Earthsea 23:01 01 Sep 2007

A member of the royal family serving in a trouble spot would be too tempting a target. It would put their and their soldiers' lives at risk, and what if they were captured? The political implications alone means this will never happen.

As for Diana, I seem to remember Mother Teresa dying around the same time but who remembers that?

  Si_L 00:24 02 Sep 2007

I remember that, it was only a year before Princess Di. I was 7 at the time.

  Forum Editor 00:29 02 Sep 2007

to ask "Perhaps someone could tell me which was more important."

Because both events were important to those involved. One of them was far more newsworthy though, and you shouldn't be surprised at that. Remember that news stories are aimed at a mass audience, and - regrettable though it might be to you - the bodies of three soldiers being returned to their relatives isn't as interesting to the nation as Princess Diana's memorial service.

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