Brumas 22:53 09 Jan 2008

I have known the pain of second-degree scalds, broken bones, bad toothaches, etc. etc. but these were nothing in comparison to the pain of this damn Neuralgia that has visited itself upon the left-hand side of my head!!

Fran, my wife was most sympathetic but suffers the, what I can only imagine to be the constant rather unpleasant pains of her disability, with an acceptance born out of fortitude rarely complaining!

Is it true – are we men less tolerant of pain, or do women just seem to get on with it?

  anskyber 23:01 09 Jan 2008

Most of them have suffered childbirth, everything is easy after that they say.

  Brumas 23:19 09 Jan 2008

"If woman had the first child and man the second - there wouldn't be a third"
That old saying is very true!

  Stuartli 00:10 10 Jan 2008

Many years ago my late father suffered very severely from fibrosis and was in agony.

At that time a new type of (expensive) painkilling tablet had come on the market (Panadol) and was the only remedy that considerably eased his suffering.

It's better known to most, of course, as paracetamol and available at low cost.

  BT 08:30 10 Jan 2008

"At that time a new type of (expensive) painkilling tablet had come on the market (Panadol)"

It still amazes me that so many people buy branded painkillers when generic versions have exactly the same ingredients for a fraction of the price. It just shows the power of advertising.

  Stuartli 09:14 10 Jan 2008

No choice at the time - there were no generic versions as it was a new drug.

But you are correct about some people buying branded versions rather than generic and wasting money.

forurm member

I know full well from my other half - along with dozens of others over the years - that members of the fairer sex are far, far tougher than men in shrugging off pain and illness and just getting on with life.

Most males are real softies in this respect.

  Bingalau 12:59 10 Jan 2008

Brumas. I did read somewhere that Childbirth is the most painful thing in a natural life. But I imagine the pain of being badly burned or some other unnatural torture is probably worse. But I also know that women are definitely better at taking pain than men.

  Simsy 14:24 10 Jan 2008

if, say, I hit my hand with a hammer whilst not concentrating enough. I feel the pain, but am able to cope without screaming bejabs out loud... but I don't handle it well and really feel the pain and have to wait quite a while before I can continue.

My wife on the other hand has a much greater pain threshold than me. She is currently undergoing some dental treatment that would scare the bejasus out of me, even with a painkilling jab, but she doesn't bat an eyelid. And she fell off her bike a while back and suffered a really nasty injury to her knee. It didn't even stop her cycling. It would have stopped me even walking!



  sunny staines 15:50 10 Jan 2008

The wife gets neuralgia. its a bit odd as bad weather makes its worse, takes amitriptyline to prevent the pain.

women seem to cope with better.

  sunny staines 15:51 10 Jan 2008

you could have migraine?

  Brumas 17:56 10 Jan 2008

"Most males are real softies in this respect"
I'm a fully paid up, card carrying member in this instance :o((

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